Activate Sound Cloud On Xbox – How To Activate Sound Cloud On Xbox

Activate Sound Cloud On Xbox – This is with the Sound Cloud App on your Xbox console. Yes, some people may try playing music via home theaters or Bluetooth speakers.

But it is not the same feeling as having it play from your personal Xbox gaming console. Read on to find out more.

Activate Sound Cloud On Xbox

Yes, you can now begin to play online music with your Xbox gaming console. So if you have been looking for ways to combine both music and games in one device this is the perfect opportunity for that.

But how is it possible? It is very possible with Sound Cloud. This is because Sound Cloud has built-in an app on the Xbox gaming console.  This app is what we call the Xbox One App.

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This app allows owners of Xbox gaming console to add the app to their gaming console and activate it for it to be possible.  Once it has been activated you can now begin to enjoy the feeling of combining music and games together at once.

Sound Cloud

This page is for those who still don’t know what a Sound Cloud is all about. If you are a music fan then you will love this. Sound Cloud is regarded as one of the biggest and best music platforms for online music.

With this platform, you can be able to listen to music online worldwide form your favorite artiste. You get to have the latest hit song dropping in the market.

If you are also an artiste to can be able to record your songs and share them on Sound Cloud privately or publicly with your friends, blogs, sites,

and any social networks of your choice. And now they have brought their amazing app to the Xbox gaming console. This is a really cool combination.

Sound Cloud Xbox One App Feature

Yes, one thing about the Sound Cloud Xbox One App is the features that come with it. If it doesn’t have interesting features it won’t be a nice app. It is with the feature that makes fans love it. So below are a few lists of the Sound Cloud Xbox One App Feature.

  • Discover how to upload, stream, get the chart on local and international music.
  • With the library feature, you can be able to keep records of your albums, liked tracks, playlist, and get quick access to recently played songs.
  • Search tab that increases your search functionality and results.
  • Ability to sign in your account into another Xbox gaming console.
  • Voice control with Cortana.

These are some of the features you get with the Sound Cloud Xbox One App. you get to access the full features of it when you activate the App on your Xbox gaming console.

How to Get the Sound Cloud Xbox One App

To make use of the Sound Cloud Xbox One App you must first have the app on your Xbox gaming console. So below is a detailed step on How to Get the Sound Cloud Xbox One App.

  • Open your Xbox player and allow it to load properly.
  • Now go to the windows store on your Xbox.
  • Search for “SoundCloud App” and add it to your Xbox gaming console.

With these steps, you have successfully added it to your Xbox player. This is the first step to activating your Sound Cloud Xbox One App.

Activating Sound Cloud Xbox One App

Now, this is the part about this article we all have been waiting for. Once this part has been done, then the process is complete. So let us get started already.

  • Make sure you have the latest or updated version of the Sound Cloud App installed on your phone. Sign-in into your Sound Cloud account on the App.
  • Now go to your Xbox console and open the Sound Cloud App in it. After opening the App you will see a code that you will later use during the activation process. Write the code down somewhere.
  • For iOS and iPhone users open this link “” directly in the app.
  • After the link has been opened in the app, enter the code on your Sound Cloud account to activate the Sound Cloud Xbox One App on your console.
  • For Android users, you will open the link above your browser and not the app.
  • On your browser, the link will take you to page to where you will sign in with your Sound Cloud username and password.
  • After signing in, it will take you to another page where you will enter the code.
  • Once you have entered the code your Sound Cloud Xbox One App will be activated on your Xbox gaming console.

These are the simple steps to activate your Xbox console with the Sound Cloud Xbox One App. now you can begin to play music and games at once on your Xbox player.

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