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Add a Store to Facebook Page – If you are selling products on Facebook and you are looking for the perfect means to expand your reach and get more and more people buying, add a store to your Facebook Page. Just the same way you set up an online store, Facebook also gives you the opportunity to set up one. This is far easier since you do not need money to set up this store. This is why many marketers love Facebook.

As long as you are signed up with Facebook, all you need do is to:

  • Set up a Facebook Page
  • Set up a Facebook Store

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The Facebook Page is where you build a brand around whatsoever you do. This is like your own online company on Facebook.

Setting up your Facebook Store for your products then comes into play as the second thing. Now after advertising your products on your Facebook Page, drive buyers to your store where they can see the prices of what you sell and purchase them.

How to Add a Store to Your Facebook Page

  • Get on your Facebook Page
  • Click on “Add Shop” ( a link found just below the cover photo of your page)
  • Then, agree to Facebook’s term and policies for products
  • Input your business information
  • Include a suitable payment procedure

Now you can reach thousands and millions of individuals all over the globe with your products. After adding your store to your Facebook Page, your call to action button automatically changes to “Shop Now”.

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To get your products across to buyers, you should have a well-planned process to get it to them in a stipulated time. This should be a call to action to anyone you know who is into merchandising.

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