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American Presidents – Till date there has been a total of 46 American presidents. However, it is a case of hours before America will hold her 58th presidential inauguration where Republican and US president elect Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United states of America.

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He will be taking over from the first black American president, Barack Hussein Obama. In this article, we have taken out time to bring to our readers the complete list of presidents of US in order.

The list of all Presidents of America in order with dates and political parties contain every US President till date. It also contains the numbers of their presidencies, the dates of their tenure, and the political parties of the all Presidents.

The list of all presidents of USA in order starts from George Washington the first US president down to the man of the moment, Donald Trump.

American Presidents: List of Presidents Of USA in order with Political Parties

Below is a comprehensive list of the American presidents till date. It shows their names, tenureship and political parties under which they served as presidents.

1.George Washington(1789-1793) & (1793-1797)Independent
2.John Adams(1797-1801)Federalist
3.Thomas Jefferson(1801-1805) & (1805-1809)Democratic-Republican
4.James Madison(1809-1813) & (1813-1817)Democratic-Republican
5.James Monroe(1817-1821) & (1821-1825)Democratic-Republican
6.John Quincy Adams(1825-1829)Democratic-Republican
7.Andrew Jackson(1829-1833) & (1833-1837)Democratic
8.Martin Van Buren(1837-1841)Democratic
9.William Harrison(1841)Whig
10.John Tyler(1841-1845)Whig
11James Knox Polk(1845-1849)Democratic
12Zachary Taylor(1849-1850)Whig
13Millard Fillmore(1850-1853)Whig
14Franklin Pierce(1853-1857)Democratic
15James Buchanan(1857-1861)Democratic
16Abraham Lincoln(1861-1865) & (1865)Republican / National Union
17Andrew Johnson(1865-1869)Republican / National Union
18Ulysses Grant(1869-1873) & (1873-1877)Republican
19Rutherford Hayes(1877-1881)Republican
20James Garfield(1881)Republican
21Chester Arthur(1881-1885)Republican
22Grover Cleveland(1885-1889)Democratic
23Benjamin Harrison(1889-1893)Republican
24Grover Cleveland(1893-1897)Democratic
25William McKinley(1897-1901) & (1901)Republican
26Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1905) & (1905-1909)Republican
27William Taft(1909-1913)Republican
28Woodrow Wilson(1913-1917) & (1917-1921)Democratic
29Warren Harding(1921-1923)Republican
30Calvin Coolidge(1923-1925) & (1925-1929)Republican
31Herbert Hoover(1929-1933)Republican
32Franklin Roosevelt(1933-1937) & (1937-1941) & (1941-1945) & (1945)Democratic
33Harry Truman(1945-1949) & (1949-1953)Democratic
34Dwight Eisenhower(1953-1957) & (1957-1961)Republican
35John Kennedy(1961-1963)Democratic
36Lyndon Johnson(1963-1965) & (1965-1969)Democratic
37Richard Nixon(1969-1974)Republican
38Gerald Ford(1974-1977)Republican
39Jimmy Carter(1977-1981)Democratic
40Ronald Reagan(1981-1985) & (1985-1989)Republican
41George H Bush(1989-1993)Republican
42Bill Clinton(1993-2001)Democratic
43George W Bush(2001-2005) & (2005-2009)Republican
44Barack Obama(2009-2013) & (2013-2017)Democratic
45Donald Trump(2017 – 2021Republican
46Joe Biden(2021 –


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NOTE: The list above contains the 45th USA president Donald Trump. His tenureship is incomplete because he is just coming into power. We will be updating this list of American presidents as time goes.