Buying Crypto with Skrill – How to Buy and Sell Crypto With Skrill

Buying Crypto with Skrill – How to Buy and Sell Crypto With Skrill

How can i buy Crypto with Skrill? Do you want to know all about what you need in buying crypto with skrill? Skrill is a money transfer company that enables you to send money to a beneficiary internationally. Skrill enables you to make, simple, quick and secure online global payments. This platform aids you in many things relating to money transfer, and another thing that skrill aids you in doing very well is to buy crypto. There are several platforms through which you can buy and sell crypto, but with skrill, buying crypto is a lot easier and swift.

Benefits of Buying Crypto with Skrill

There are lots of amazing benefits of buying crypto with skrill; below I will be giving you some of them:

  • No account is needed for the transaction to go smoothly
  • You get to select your desired currency and proceed to checkout
  • Low fees.

There are lots of other amazing benefits to buying crypto using skrill.

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How to Buy Crypto with Skrill

Skrill allows you to buy crypto directly through their website. All that is required to perform this is an email address and a credit card. Below is how to purchase crypto with skrill:

  • First, you need to have a Skrill account. So, if you do not have one, sign up for one.
  • Add your credit card
  • Deposit the funds using your local currency
  • Locate the crypto tab and select “exchange”
  • Finally, complete the remaining process involved.

With this process stated above, you would be buying crypto with skrill in no time.

Selling Crypto with Skrill: SpectroCoin

There are lots of amazing platforms that aid you in buying crypto with skrill, and SpectroCoin happens to be one of them. This platform offers a better and fast way of purchasing crypto with skrill. The crypto in question here is bitcoin. So below I will be giving tips on how to purchase bitcoin a cryptocurrency with skrill at SpectroCoin.

  • First, if you do not have a SpectroCoin account, make sure you create one. It is a simple process just fills the registration form.
  • And follow the other steps presented to you, and in no time you would have your own SpectroCoin account.
  • In other to sell bitcoin for Skrill, first, you need to exchange it on SpectroCoin to the currency you prefer.
  • Enter the amount you wish to purchase and click exchange
  • Once you have exchanged the bitcoin, go to SpectroCoin withdraw section and click withdraw to skrill
  • You would see the amount you are expected to receive in your skrill account on the “receive amount” tab, once the transaction is completed.
  • Enter the email you used in the creation of your skrill account on the required tab and click submit

Once the transaction is completed and your payment is confirmed, the transaction would be visible both on your SpectroCoin and skrill accounts.

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