Change Business Page Name on Facebook – Change Facebook Business Page Name | How to Change Facebook Name


Change Business Page Name on Facebook – FB gives everyone the opportunity to edit anything connected to them on their profile. Also, every FB user is granted access to own their personal business page which is a tool they use to reach out to their customers (targeted audience).

Aside from using it to reach your audience, it’s also a means through which users from time to time can contact their service providers and receive first-hand information.

Change Business Page Name on Facebook – This is to say, Facebook Page is one great way for buyers to have an easy customer service relationship with their market. As you make use of FB every day, you can edit your personal profile or business profile. This means, not only can you change your name, you can also change the following:

  1. Profile Picture.
  2. Cover Picture.
  3. Residence.
  4. Education.
  5. Place of work.
  6. Relationship etc.

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For your business page on Facebook, you are allowed to edit just anything. When it comes to editing your name on your FB profile, it takes an interval of 30 days before the next change but for FB page, it’s just 7 days.

Change Page Name on Facebook

From the paragraph above, you now know of FB’s policies for name change. It is also very vital you go through Facebook’s name standard so you don’t violate any of their policies.

To change your FB Business Page Name, kindly follow the laid down steps below:

  • Navigate your way to your FB page.
  • Get to the left side of your page and click “About”.
  • Next to your page name click “Edit”.
  • Input the new name you choose to use and click “Continue”.
  • Tap “Request Change” after reviewing your request.

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It is that simple whether you are making use of a desktop site or the FB mobile app.