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Chase Offers – Do you want a Chase account? Then Chase offers great deals that are available to select holders of Chase and Debit cards.

However, Chase offers it, users, a cashback at a variety of retailers, from Rite Aid to New balance to Starbucks. Also, it generally gets you Cashback in the form of a percentage just like on Chase Sapphire Reserve account.

You will get a chase offer for 10% back at Blue Apron with a $19 maximum which some offers get you a Flat Cashback account such as $7 back at Stich Fix

To use Chase offers you need to add it to your card account which you can so by simply clicking on it and just make a qualifying purchase.

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While the offer is still valid with your chase Card and you will receive the cashback as a statement credit to your account. However, every Chase cardholder will see Chase offers associated with their account.

Also, the Chase offers deals and discounts are offered by the Chase Mobile app or Chase Pay app which you don’t need to register or apply for anything. All you just need is to activate the offer and use your Chase Credit Card to pay at the selected location.

How do Chase offers work?

The offers are only currently available in the U.S which the offers are targeted based. How and how much you use each of your credit cards.

However, if your card is brand new or you don’t use it much you might get fewer offers than someone that uses their card more often.

The offers is ever-changing which offers are added often and each offer has an expiration date as well. Here are some Few Offers available;

  • ADT: $100 Offer back. Shipt: $10 offer back. Walmart Grocery Pickup: $5 offer back
  • Kindle: 20% back. Dick’s Sporting Goods: 10% offer back. Casper: 10% offer back.
  • Pottery Barn Kids: 10% offer back. Blue Apron: 10% offer back. Piada: 10% offer back. Stitch Fix: $5 offer back.
How do I activate my offers?

you can view offers from retailers, restaurants and other chase merchant partners for your chase cards from your mobile app. However, just click on an offer in the app to activate it for a card.

And then use that card to pay in stores, online or via mobile apps and wallets. Also, you will see your statement credit applied to your account automatically in 7 – 14 business days.

To find chase offers through the Chase Pay app begin by logging in to the app which you will be able to find offers in different places. However, this will be in your activity Snapshot on the main page of the app. Where you will see available offers in the spotlight section.

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