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Connect Youtube To Facebook – Facebook is one of largest social media platform in the world, it is mostly used for texting, posting of updates, making friends and for business purposes too, updates can be in form of videos, images or text.

When signing up for Facebook, it is absolutely free and so is most of its features. When you have a Facebook page, you can link your YouTube channel to your Facebook when you connect YouTube Facebook, your YouTube videos will be seen on Facebook.

YouTube is another social media platform, also vast in population, but YouTube is strictly used for posting videos and it’s only YouTube users that own a YouTube channel that will be able to post a video on YouTube.

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Videos like tutorials, advertisements, shot skits and clips of different types are uploaded on YouTube. When you link YouTubeFacebook, your video uploads on your YouTube channel will display on your Facebook page.

How To Connect Youtube To Facebook

Linking YouTube Facebook is a vital step for business owners that advertise online, when you connect your YouTube to Facebook visitors can click on your Facebook business page link to open your Facebook page directly. With the following steps you will know how to connect YouTube to Facebook:

  • Activate your device browser.
  • Open your web browser.
  • Open two tabs, log on to Facebook on one and YouTube on the other.
  • Sign in to both accounts with their respective login credentials.
  • From your YouTube account page, open your channel, also open your Facebook business page from your Facebook account page.
  • From your YouTube channel page, click on edit beside profile.
  • Click on the checkbox beside website.
  • In absence of the checkbox, go to your Facebook business page and highlight and copy the URL (your Facebook business page URL).
  • Go back to your YouTube channel page, click on website and paste the copied link.
  • Click on save changes at the end of your YouTube profile page.

To be able to do this, you must have a Facebook business page and a YouTube channel. This can only be done from web browser.

Facebook Login

Without your Facebook login credentials you won’t be able to link YouTube Facebook, your Facebook login credentials are the details in which you use to access your Facebook account. To login to Facebook follow the steps below:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • Launch Facebook app or open Facebook web via your web browser.
  • Enter your Facebook login credentials in the appropriate field and click on login.

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You can login with your Facebook username, the email address you used to sign up for Facebook or your mobile number you used to sign up for Facebook and your Facebook password.