Cute Photo of Man and Wife who are both Pregnant


The photo of a man and wife who took to social media to celebrate their expectant baby have been trending online and making people laugh out loud.

The man has a pot belly aka “Afo beer” in Igbo language while the woman is pregnant. But the funny part is the striking pose of the man with all seriousness not minding his bulging stomach and the happiness of the wife which can be seen by her smiles and the way she is holing her hubby.

This picture is so cute and funny and it is enough to make lighten up your day LOL.

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The person that share it on facebook challenged everyone to caption the picture and the Best caption gets a free ticket to eat anything edible in a correct peppered yoruba stew?

Drop your caption at the comment section below and contact poster for your reward

Cute Photo of Man and Wife who are both Pregnant