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Download Free Mp3 Music On –  Wapdam is one of the most popular sites for downloading music and also allows users to upload their music. In other words, the site gives surfers access to tons of mp3 files such as music, videos, games, themes, etc.

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The website is loaded with a great database of contents available for mobile phones and they are free. So if you’re in for some new content, you read on to find out how to use the site.

Wapdam Music

Wapdam Music is simply a category within the website that is loaded with mp3 files to download. On the portal, Wapdam music is the most downloaded. It comes in an mp3 format and then converted to be able to play on any device. When downloading music, the site would have to synchronize your device before commencing the download.

Categories on Wapdam

Just like every other website for downloading files, Wapdam is categorized into different sections. These categories have their own content and most of them are subcategorized. The categories are Music, Wallpaper, Game, Theme, App, and Video. Under each category, you would find the content you want.

Features of Wapdam

Wapdam has some great and outstanding features which I’ll be mentioning below. Actually, these features make the site one of the best to use for your mobile downloads.

Here they are;

  • Users can download their favorite music, games, videos, series, wallpapers, etc.
  • Discover your flow. Your own personal track.
  • Search easily and also share an artist, album or track.
  • Discover millions of new tracks online.
  • Lots of mixes inspired by those you love.
  • Users can create unlimited music playlists.
  • Download files to play offline.
  • On-screen lyrics for you to sing along.
  • Immerse yourself with a list or channel filled with the things you like.
  • Unlimited entertainment, audiobooks, and podcasts.
  • Live radio stations for you to listen to.
  • Import mp3 files.
  • Keep your tracks in private.

There is more you can do with Wapdam. Horoscope is an extra feature on the site which allows users to check their horoscope daily or weekly.

How to Download Music on Wapdam

Downloading files from the site is free and easy. Wapdam is now unified under Waptrick. That is to say, in other to make downloads, users need to access the waptrick site.

Here is how to download;

  • Open your web browser and type in
  • Hit on the Music category. Then select the kind of music you’d like to download.
  • The subcategories include; R&B, RAP, HIP HOP, MIXTAPES, etc.
  • Or you use the search box and type in the name of the music or artist.
  • Choose the quality of the music you want.
  • From the download page, hit on the “Download” button.

The music file would be downloaded right into your device and you can open or play it immediately.

Wapdam Games 

Games on the site are among the most entertaining items. And that’s why the site is loaded with a great one of numbers of games both for pc, consoles and mobile devices. The games section is subcategorized into car race, arcade, action, sports, etc. Here’s how to download games;

How to Download Games on Wapdam

  • Visit the Wapdam homepage.
  • Hit on the “Games” category. Then type in the game of your choice and select the one you want, when the result is loaded.
  • Hit on “Download” to start downloading the game you want.

The game would be downloaded into the device. Once completed, you can open and play the game.

How to Download Videos on Wapdam

Videos can be download in HD Format on Wapdam for free. Follow below to download videos;

  • Visit the official URL of the website.
  • Hit on the Video category.
  • Select the video you’d like to download.
  • Once the download page is loaded, hit on the quality you want.
  • Then hit on “Download” to get the video.

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The video would be downloaded and once the process is complete, you can watch or share it with friends.