Download Free Music Streaming App – All You Need To Know About Music This 2020 / Free Music Streaming App


Download Free Music Streaming App – Free music streaming app is one of the best ways to enjoy unlimited music on your device when you have enough data or a good data connection. Getting good access to the internet is one of the major basics you need to consider when looking for music streaming apps on your Android or iOS device.

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Download Free Music Streaming App – There are a few music streaming apps I can think of right now. I can assure you that these apps are with your trial. These are some of the top music apps you can find on the web or your device app store. Let us begin.

Apple Music

Apple music is recommended for those with iOS devices as it is inbuilt with their own device. This app was launched in the year 2015. With only a monthly subscription of just nine point ninety nine dollars, you can stream unlimited songs from the company’s long list of artists.

You also get a playlist that is customized to your personal taste. The songs on this platform can also be streamed for offline purposes.


The next one here is spotify. Spotify is an app that can be accessed on a wide variety of devices. The spotify app is one of the largest music streaming app you can find on the web. It also has its own version for windows, Linus and MacOS.

This app is rated by users all over the world as one of the most interesting and best music streaming platform. This app basically allows you to stream music from any corner of the world. I can say the worlds whole songs can be found on this platform.

I generally enjoy this because of the fun and flexibility in using it. It has a user friendly interface that even someone new to music would understand it.

YouTube Music and Google Play Music

YouTube music and google play music are quite linked together but varies with some slight differences. The YouTube red contains thousands of original music, albums from different artists all over the globe. It is the easiest place to get excited. Before you can use the YouTube music or the google play music, you must have a google account.

On the YouTube music, you can also create your own album with your own set of playlists. The google pay music is totally free and can be used to play songs offline.

Amazon Prime Music

This is a paid subscription app. This means you have to pay be able to stream any of the songs on this platform. You don’t have to be scared because amazon prime music only costs a total of 7.99 dollars every month.

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This price is totally worth the service they provide. You can enjoy unlimited music by buying the amazon prime music subscription. For you to do this, you need an amazon account.