Download TextNow App – Make Cheaper Online Free Calls And Texts Using TextNow

Download TextNow App – If you are troubled with having a line just for business, then this article is for you. This app basically gives you a US phone number that you can use for making calls and texting. Many people are curious to know how TextNow started.

Well, TextNow initially started in 2009 as a voice-over-internet protocol app (VoIP). This app can be used to make calls or text with a Wi-Fi network or data connection.

Since its inception, this app has evolved to become a true MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). It piggybacks on other cellular networks to provide full wireless coverage for your device.

TextNow App Download

TextNow is free for all but you have to buy credit or watch ads to get credit. Also, you can exchange your gift card. You would still need a data connection to make calls.

You can easily communicate with your friends using this app. Texting is totally free on the app. There’s no need for you to buy any credit or watch ads to text. This amazing platform can be accessed on the web at

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Creating an account on this amazing platform is very easy. All you have to do is follow some simple steps. Creating an account all depends on the platform you are using.

You can create a TextNow account on the web platform or mobile app. Follow the steps below to open your account for free.

  • Open your web browser and proceed to You can also launch the mobile app if you have one. When the page loads, find the “Sign Up Free” button and click on it.
  • Enter your email address and desired password on the form provided.
  • You can also use the social icon to sign up quickly. After filling the form, follow the onscreen instructions to get your virtual U.S number. That’s it.
Sign In

Signing in to a TextNow account you already own can be very stressful. Well, I am here to ease that stress. To be able to sign in successfully,

you would need to be able to remember your password and username or email address. If you have this information, follow the steps below;

  • Open your web browser and proceed to the official TextNow website following the link above. You can also launch the mobile app and click the login link. Fill the login form with your required details.

After filling the form, click “Log In” and that’s it. Your information would be processed, if it correct, you would be logged in to your account on whichever platform you find yourself using.

TextNow Network

A lot of people have been asking me lately, what network does TextNow use? Well, to answer that question, TextNow initially started as a wireless provider that relied on the sprint’s CDMA network. It was later added to the GSM-based T-Mobile network.

When talking about this amazing service, the network is only part of the story. TextNow wants to offer lower monthly rates to people so they can reduce the cost of communication.

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