eBay Shopping Platform – Shop All Your Electronics Online On eBay.com

eBay Shopping Platform – As an online shopping site that’s known for its consumers to consumer sales and auctions.

They are use by merchants as a sale channel online. It is in different countries. eBay was established by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 and has today become a household name.

Today everyone knows eBay and has done one or two transactions with eBay or you saw it on television or may have heard people talked about it. Or you may have seen it movies or on the news.

eBay Shopping Platform

The service is always available in different countries. Individuals can search for items on the platform by using its zip code.

On eBay, you can make purchases and sell too in the platform. Everyday millions of transactions take place on eBay especially when you open an eBay account.

Just anyone can get an account on eBay and its free. You may choose to buy and sell any products as well. If you have a seller account,

it has a fee that comes with it like listing fees. This fee is different from the price you sell your items for the period if time you wish to be in business.

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Moreover, eBay is a capitalist in nature site, item on eBay can be high in price this includes items like vintage items, collection unusual goods, discontinued items or anything in short supply. This makes eBay outstanding and a place for collectors that source things locally.

eBay is collectors center for amazing classes of items. The online store is user-friendly, the notification systems, the advanced search tools and the anti-fraud systems in place makes it fraud free.

How eBay Works

eBay is an e-commerce shop that allows sellers to display all their items on the platform. Businesses communicate their brand effectively by creating customized webpages themselves.

On eBay website, when you see a red door-like icon, next to a seller’s user ID, just click on it. You will be directed to the persons customize eBay shop.

eBay Shop Categories

In eBay to make your online shopping easy fir your simple use the category section to do your search for items that you need. Here is the different category on eBay online store and there are;

  • Collectibles & Art.
  • Home & garden.
  • Sporting goods.
  • Electronics.
  • Auto Parts & Accessories.
  • Toys & hobbies.
  • Fashion.
  • Musical instruments & gear.
  • Business & Industrial.
  • Health & Beauty.
  • Other categories.

These ate the various categories on the eBay online stores.

How to Register / Sign Up on eBay

To full enjoy your online shopping on eBay you need to register on the platform that is creating an account or Sign up on the platform. Follow these steps to register;

  • On eBay platform.
  • On the left, you will see a widget showing you ‘Register’.
  • Cluck on it and next page.
  • Enter your First name and Last name.
  • Email address and create a password.
  • Next, click on the ‘Create Account’ widget.

These steps are to create a personal account but fir business account you can continue to Choose from the next options (Google, Facebook and Apple).

eBay Sign In

To sign in on eBay you can decide to use any of the options from Facebook, Google or Apple account. Use these steps to sign in.

To sign in from eBay platform to sell or buy products you must sign into your account. Follow these steps;

  • Visit ebay website. On the homepage, move to the right top of the screen, then click on “my eBay” button. It will take you to the login page.
  • On the next page, go to the left corner of the page. Enter your corresponding email address or username and password. Go down and select the blue “sign in” tab.
eBay Sign In Using Facebook Platform
  • Go to eBay homepage. Move your mouse to the screen top right side, then tap on “my eBay” widget. On the login page, select “sign in with Facebook” tab.
  • Facebook will share your name, profile picture and email with eBay.
  • Click on “continue” widget.
Sign In with Google Platform
  • Using a browser on your devices, type in eBay and search at eBay.com. eBay’s homepage comes up. Go to the top of the page and select “my eBay” button.
  • When the next page opens, Pres “sign in with Google” widget at the right corner.

Select your account and allow Google to share your name, email address, language preference and profile picture with eBay.com.

Recover eBay Sign In Password

In case you forget your eBay log in password follow these steps to retrieve back your password.

  • Scroll to the login page. Move down, then click “reset your password” button.
  • Type in your account email address or username.
  • Select “continue” tab to reset your password.

From here you can reset your forgotten password and gain in access again to your account on eBay.

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