Enable Chrome Dark Mode – How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on any Device

Enable Chrome Dark Mode – Meaning of chrome dark mode? this is an activation carried out by the user of the chrome account. By clicking on the dark mode option in the setting to change the white color to black.

There are many reasons given that made people choose dark mode over white mode. This could be done with an android device or pc which the most common reason is that it saves battery and gives good sight at night.

Google Chrome dark mode also means google chrome night mode. Which can be enabled either on your pc or android chrome dark mode.

However, not only chrome has a dark mode other apps have a dark mode option that can be switched and disabled. Aside from chrome, there are other apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, google including Gmail account.

All this app is mentioned as an inbuilt extension activation of dark mode which enables it to change its usual white color to dark mode and make it completely dark.

Nevertheless, dark mode googles have been recently launched and developed by google account. For users who prefer to make use of google dack mode than the light mode.

Some users don’t feel comfortable with the dark mode because they don’t see clearly. While some enjoy it because they can see clearly and it makes their battery last longer than the light mode.

Most especially the android user prefers to use dark mode on the chrome app or google account and other apps. To chat, send messages to check their homepage and so on while some think it not as fun as a light mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode for Chrome

for users of chrome account that doesn’t know how to switch light mode to dark mode could consider their self-lucky. Because in this article you will learn and be able to do it for others to learn so follow these guides to use dark mode.

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  • go to google chrome on your android device. At the top right hand of the android devices tap on the set themes.
  • Then choose the themes which you prefer either chrome dark mode when battery saver is turned on. You can as well choose mobile devices to select the dark mode theme in your device’s setting. You’re free to select your choices.

Then check your chrome account it would change to dark mode but note that your homepage, toolbar, settings, and other pages will be in dark mode.

How to Remove the Dark Mode

Some users find the mode annoying while some will complain they can’t see well, more so some would say the dark mode doesn’t suit their taste. Here are the steps to remove the dark mode to lite back it very easy and simple.

  • Open the chrome on your android or computer devices. Then on the page go to the setting options at the top right hand.
  • Click on the lite mode option to change the dark mode you were using before but that doesn’t mean the dark mode option will completely disappear from the setting.

So finally, you will get access to your light mode and browser easily, conducive without complaints of not seeing clearly.

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