Facebook Assistance and Support – Contact Facebook Help Support Directly Now!


Facebook Assistance and Support – Seeking Facebook assistance can be a difficult frustrating task, one that often leads you to be redirected to lots of web pages before settling for the page where you can log your complaints.

Facebook assistance and support are put in place by Facebook to assist Facebook users of different categories ( regular account owners, Groups and Facebook pages, Facebook marketers) when they encounter a Facebook related issue.

Fortunately for us today, some experienced Facebook marketers have made a compilation of the various ways you can use to contact Facebook assistance / support.

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Before contacting Facebook assistance, Facebook requires to be currently logged in to your Facebook account. In this article, we shall be discussing the various ways to contact Facebook assistance using Facebook resources.

Facebook Assistance and Support – Visit Facebook Help Centre

  • Click Here (https://m.facebook.com/help/) to visit Facebook help center. Before using this service, you have to be already logged in to your account, if you aren’t you’ll have to do so by clicking on the ‘log in” icon on the top left corner of the page.

Analyse the option toolbar.

In the option toolbar, you’ll find the various categories and subcategories of how to quickly find the link relating to your problem. Here’s a list of the comments you will find in there and what they entail:

Using Facebook
This is the category of Facebook that contains the basic functions of Facebook which include creating a Facebook account, finding friends, messaging and other basic issues on Facebook.

Managing your account
This category deals with issues relating to your login settings and profile management.

Privacy and safety
This section addresses issues on account security, hacked Facebook accounts, blocking and unfriending people.

Policies and Reporting
This category touches issues relating to reports such as spams, abuse and hacked accounts. This category is also where handling of deceased persons accounts are being addressed.

You can also engage the ‘Question you may have” and other popular topics to see commonly asked questions from users.

After reviewing all the categories in the option toolbar, select the category that is related to the issues you are having and review the additional information to help provide you with the procedures that will help you remedy the challenge and follow the provided instructions.

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You can also use the search bar to hasten up your process by typing the challenges you are having inside the search bar. The link the search bar transfers you to for possible results are already pre-written contents relating to the issues you have, which may help put you in perspective regarding the issues you want to address.