Facebook Business Page Create – Procedures For Creating A Great Facebook Business Page / Business Page Setup By Facebook


Facebook Business Page Create – Facebook has more than three billion users, a staggering large increase in the number of users from the last decade. This was possible because of its very unique communication qualities that have the ability to touch almost every part of the world.

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These days you don’t need to watch news feed or read newspapers to know about what’s happening in the world, just have a Facebook account and log in to get interesting news feed. As of recent, small businesses have used Facebook as a platform to promote their businesses and inform the public about their products.

Most big businesses started small, nothing ever starts big, it took hard work, commitment, patience and a whole lot of advertisements. Facebook has been developing features that will assist its users to promote and improve their businesses.

The Facebook business without doubt one of those features, it helps to invite potential customers and create awareness about your product. It’s like creating a profile for yourself just with the difference that this is more like creating a profile for your business. it is not advisable to create a Facebook profile for your business, so make sure to create a page.

A Facebook business page should contain;

  • Your business name and entities involved in it.
  • All information concerning your business products or services.
  • Posts or Ads that are eye-catching so as to invite people or other Facebook users to your page thereby increasing the activities on your page and people’s recommendation about your page.
  • Facebook verification; the grey or blue badge, this might take time and resources to accomplish but worth it. It’s like a Facebook kind of endorsement.
  • Personal information like contact address, pictures, mail address. Not all personal information should be added for privacy reasons, just useful information that proves your originality and a way for people to contact you.
  • Photos of your products or services and the price tags, Things that Facebook users or potential customers can interact online with.
  • Valid government-issued I.D.

Facebook Business Page Create – Creating a Facebook Page

As earlier stated, creating a Facebook page is like creating a profile for your business, so it will literally contain information about your business, how it works and its goods and services.

Let’s take a quick run through the steps:

  • Go to facebook.com/business and click on create a page, you will be given different options of business types of page. Make sure to think like a customer and select one which you think customers will search for and one that best describes your business.
  • Fill in the detail log i.e. business name and address and all other useful information and click get started
  • Add pictures; This is your profile photo and cover photo, make sure to choose a photo that is eye-catching and is well associated with your business brand. These photos could be uploaded from your gallery, after selecting, click on upload photos.
  • Go through your new page and follow Facebook prompts, Facebook is great on giving directions and guides.
  • Add a short description about your page, a brief and concise note about your page
  • Create your page username, this will be what Facebook users will use to find you, so make sure it’s short and easy to remember.
  • Click on about in the left-hand menu of your Facebook page where you can edit all information about your business like it’s working hours, location, type of business and so on.
  • Create your first post; before you start inviting people to your page or start promoting your page, make sure to create a post that is eye-catching and hard to look past so visitors will be inclined to stick around. Also make sure this post is reasonable, brief and electrifying. You can even start with a product offer or bonus.
  • Engage your followers, invite people to your page, be creative and conversational.
  • Optional, but I will also advise you set up a call to action button for customers on your page so they can inform you about what they would like to see or not see on your page.

Creating a page is easy, but the work comes with maintaining and improving it, you will ensure your business page is interesting and fun to visit. By doing this, you increase the number of people that visits your page, therefore, increasing the number of potential customers.

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Tips:   If you have posted on your page you don’t want people to miss out on, you could pin the posts by clicking on the three dots on the top of the created posts and select “pin to the top of the page”. Once done, a blue thumbtack pin-like icon will appear in the top right corner. Make sure to like other pages that are related to your pages that will not create competition and share some of their content, learn from them and be creative.