Facebook Countdown Clock


Facebook Countdown Clock – In an attempt of making your organization/business fan page or any kind of fan pages enjoyable, some interactive tabs, elements or apps need to be set up. Among the best of these is the “Countdown Timer” tab or application.

The main purpose of having this tab on the Facebook fan page is to give the timer of days left for a specific event. You could set up a timer for giving a countdown timer for any celebration like Christmas, birthday, etc.

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Facebook Countdown Clock

To install a “Countdown Timer” app to your Facebook fan page.

  • Log in to your FB account
  • Type “Countdown Timer” application in the search bar. There you will get a list of various kinds of applications that does this action. Choose the “Countdown Timer For page” app.
  • Click “Go to App” button.
  • Select from the listing of fan pages that you are admin of and also click “Add” besides the page name.
  • Select the kind of display you desire the timer to be on your selected follower page.
  • After choosing the type, now, begin entering the details in the text boxes listed below. First, go into the title of the timer after that the message for the visitors.
  • Get on the event date as well as time.
  • Click “Save,” and after that, click the “Preview” button.
  • Now you could see the timer for a particular occasion, which displays the remaining days and also time left.
  • Now, if all things are right, then click the “View” button.
  • The tab will be seen on the page.
  • Click “Post to page” for completing the process.
  • Finally, inspect whether the tab is seen on the page by clicking your page name.

Search in the image above. If the tab is put, it will indeed be shown with this icon, as revealed above.

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Successfully you have established a “Countdown Timer” application or tab for your Facebook page.

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Facebook Countdown Clock