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Changing of cover photo on Facebook is a common thing among users, users of the Facebook platform always change and upload new pictures of themselves on Facebook platform for others to see. Facebook cover photo is actually the first picture that other people see upon opening their friends’ profiles.

Cover photos are the first things that users see when they open other users profiles pages , they are the first impression that is given to other users , so users always try to make their cover photos , good photos that represent who they really are as the saying says first impressions always matter the most.

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Reasons Why Facebook Users Change Their Cover Photo

Facebook being an ever-evolving platform actually allows users to upload and update their profiles as they wish or they feel to, Facebook in general allows users the chance to upload new profiles pictures, cover pictures or just general pictures of themselves so their friends can see this pictures and comment. This are the main reasons why Facebook users change their cover photos.

By Changing cover photos users can actually update or upload recent pictures of themselves on Facebook so their friends can view their pictures on their cover photos. also, Facebook allows for users to update other photos on Facebook so other people can see them.

With the way Facebook is set up making friends is a priority which is why posting good pictures of oneself on Facebook is actually good by posting good pictures it would attract more friends to view their pages and profiles.

Facebook being one of the top leading social Networks in the world connects people from different parts of the world easily, by having a very good cover photo users are guaranteed to get attention from other people because they would be interested in their profiles.

How to Change Facebook Cover Photo

Changing of information on Facebook is simple and straightforward users can easily change information at will they can change their pictures when they want, they can edit their profiles and select their best pictures to show other people by putting it on as their cover photo. This are the steps to change the Facebook cover photo.

  • Open web browser
  • Open and login to Facebook page https://m.facebook.com
  • Go to your Page.
  • Tap the picture sign on bottom right of your cover photo.
  • Choose a photo from one of your albums. To use a photo from your phone, you’ll need to upload it to your page first.
  • Drag your photo up or down to re-position it and tap Use.

The Facebook change Facebook cover photo is used by users so they can change their cover photos so they can use it make friends online.

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Facebook Cover Picture – Change Facebook Cover Photo | How to Change Facebook Cover Photo