Facebook Dark Mode Review In 2021 – Facebook Dark Mode 2021 / Facebook Dark Mode Review


Facebook Dark Mode Review In 2021 – Hey y’all, Facebook is here again with lots of features that would help you throughout the year 2021. Facebook is the biggest social networking platform in the world and its number one priority is the satisfaction of its users.

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For a year now the platform has never hesitated to give its users the best of the best, and by that, I mean the latest features available.

I can gladly tell you that Facebook is one of the first social networking platforms to have a dark mode. The dark mode feature has been a part of the app for some years, and the users love it. We all know the default color for FB is white, now picture a very dark background that saves you from too much light exposure.

Facebook Dark Mode Review In 2021 

In the generation we are today, we are exposed to millions of light rays every day and forget that our eyes also need taken care of. The dark mode was originally brought to help users reduce the amount of light that enters into their eyes and also save them from some other things.

By reducing the light being produced from your screen, you tend to reduce the way the battery is being drained thereby increasing the life span of your battery. Apart from all this, the dark mode is a very cool feature that we must all try out.

The moment you switch in on for the first time, I bet you’ll find it hard to believe it’s the Facebook you’re used it. For some reason, when this feature was created it wasn’t made available in the main, just on FB Lite, Messenger, and on Desktop but I’m sure that would be taken care of in 2021.

How To Switch To Dark Mode On Facebook

  • After logging into your account,
  • Click on the hamburger icon
  • You’ll be directed to a section with different FB feature
  • Next, locate the dark mode feature
  • Click on it to switch.

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