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How to Use Facebook For Businesses – The largest online platform for both buyers and sellers in the world is Facebook. In addition to the fun people finds in Facebook, the platform have done well in integrate other important feature that enables marketing that accommodates anyone both small scale business and large scale business. I guess you must have heard about Facebook for Business all the while and the only thing that could come to your mind after hearing it is Business. Anyways, your thought is exactly how it is.

Facebook For Business is not just a regular stuff but a platform to support all entrepreneurs and business persons around the world. Facebook being the largest community of people in the world have to make user benefit from that massive population either as a sales person or as a customer/buyer.

The most important thing you need as a marketer and a Facebook user is to start taking advantages of those platforms Facebook have set aside to help business grow. All the marketing features that have Facebook have made available for users are not for fancy, they are there for you to make use of to either sell your product or drive traffic to your website. Now take a look at the Features of Facebook for Business below:

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Watch
  • Facebook Stories

This may just be the first time you are hearing about some of them but not to worry I will give you a hint on how you can expand your business using Facebook.

How to Use Facebook For Businesses

1. Facebook Business Page – This is a page you create right inside of a Facebook to represent your product or services and have direct interaction with your customers or clients. No matter the kind of business you run, you need a Facebook Business page for it to get to your targeted audience/customer.

Facebook Page describes everything your business, the products you sell or the services you render. Think of it like a customer support page for your business where you keep your clients updated about your recent offers. This can grow your business network beyond your imagination. And research have proven that 65 percent sales comes from customers following a product page or visited a product page. Now you need to Create a Facebook Page for you business if you don’t have one. Use the link below to learn how to Create a Facebook Page.

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2. Facebook Groups. These are communities of like minds. Chances are, there are other people already doing the same kind of business you do or you are about to start. In other to help each other, those individual forms a group to share ideas, instructions and success stories that can inspire one another. So When you join such group, you will align yourself with people already doing the exact same thing you are doing and you can really learn from them.

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3. Facebook Marketplace – As the name implies, Facebook Market place is an online market which gives you the opportunity to sell or buy anything from individual, brands and business around you. This features support, eCommerce business, Digital product marketing and Local service deliveries.

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4. Facebook Watch – This feature is good supports film makers, comedians, speakers, etc. who want more attention and gigs, you can upload your videos on your timeline. Through your timeline, your video can go viral and be recommended for people streaming from FB Watch. You can also go Live on Facebook using Facebook Live. It is great for people doing things related to journalism and also, you can have an online seminar or conference for people around the world (business centered)

5. Facebook Stories are short clips which last for just 24 hours to grab users attention. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your products, links, pretty much anything you are offering to your audience and this have been proven to be super engaging. So start using this feature to grab your customers attention about your new product and you will see the massive demand that will follow thereafter.

Finally, all you need do to gain access to everything discussed above is to become a Facebook user. If you don’t have a Facebook account, create one today to begin promoting your business. Use the Link below to Create your New Facebook Account.

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Facebook For Business – How to Use Facebook For Businesses | Facebook For Business Growth