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Facebook Free is an option given to Facebook users who make use of their mobile app. This is a separate mode on Facebook which requires no internet bandwidth for access to your Facebook account. That is to say, you can use Facebook without regular internet connections. Facebook gives you a complete package so long as you have internet connect.

Sometimes, you may find yourself in areas where the network reception is low and this is when you need the Facebook Free Mode. At other times, you may find yourself in places where the charge on internet bandwidth is high and you really want to access FB but because of the charge you can’t. It is time you adopt the use of the Free Mode.

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The only difference between the Free Mode and the Data Mode is that, the Free Mode denies users access to media. You will enjoy it better for messaging since you can’t see any media. It isn’t a bad thing to switch to this mode if you want to reduce data consumption. This is just one thing other social media platforms don’t give.

Facebook Free Mode

To achieve this, Facebook had to collaborate with network providers. Giving attention to Facebook is one thing every active Facebook user wants to do. This is why you need to download and install the mobile app on your IOS or Android device. Once you do this, no matter where you find yourself in the world without internet bandwidth, you can still access Facebook and have fun doing it especially if you want to have a chat with your friends.

Now, to switch from the Data Mode to the Free Mode, just login your Facebook account and at the top of your homepage, you will see an option which say “Go to Free”. Click on it and you will start using Facebook for free.

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Facebook Free Mode | Free Mode – www.free.facebook.com