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Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell Community

Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell Community – Do you want us to show you how you can buy and sell stuff on the Facebook marketplace? If yes, then this post is for you. The article is designed to expose you to all the things you need to know about the Facebook market place, ranging from how you can buy to how you can sell your own items on this new Facebook marketplace.

Facebook has since gone beyond its traditional role of sending and receiving of messages and pictures from family and friends. Now you can use Facebook, via the Facebook market place to carry out your business transactions across the globe. You can now buy and sell your goods and services on Facebook to the individuals who are in the same geographical location as you. If you ask me, trading has never been easier and more fun.

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You get to pick your catchment and only people within that catchment can see you in the market. Facebook Marketplace is a great marketplace where you can market and purchase anything which is in alignment with Facebook Marketplace’s place terms and policies. Also, you need to market products that are standard so you don’t have purchasers demanding a refund.

How To Buy And Sell On Facebook Marketplace

How Do I Buy From Facebook Market Place?

To buy from Facebook market place, follow the below instructions:

  • Get in the Facebook Marketplace
  • Choose the item you desire to purchase
  • Click “MESSAGE”
  • Send the seller a message for purchase

How Do I Sell ON Facebook Market Place?

To sell on Facebook market place, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Get in the Facebook Marketplace
  • Click “Sell Something”
  • Display what you want to sell (input all the details of the merchandise)
  • Click on “POST”

With this information above, you can buy and sell your products on Facebook.

How to Locate Facebook Marketplace on Facebook

Locating this marketplace is something made easy by Facebook so users don’t go through the rigors of trying to find it out. To locate Marketplace Facebook, follow these steps:

  • Log in Facebook on any device with internet access (Android, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop)
  • Click on the shop icon

This icon which looks like a storefront is what launches you into the Facebook Marketplace. It is found at the top left side of your desktop page, at the bottom for IOS and at the top for Android devices.

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Facebook Marketplace Buy and Sell – Marketplace Facebook Buy Sell Community