Facebook Messenger Not Sending Messages Issues


Facebook Messenger Not Sending Messages Issues : One of the various benefits of the Facebook Messenger is the provision of sending text without the expense or restrictions of SMS. This benefit becomes counter-productive when you’re not getting messages promptly.

In some instances messages are gotten on the Facebook app whereas it is not gotten on the Facebook Messenger app, in this instance the issue might be connected to the app. It might also occur that messages are gotten but alert are not, then this might be a problem with settings.

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Facebook Messenger Not Sending Messages Issues

Listed below are some troubleshooting to be done:

1. Check Connection

In some cases you might be getting messages on the Facebook Site but not on your phone, this might be as a result of your connection. Ensure you have proper access to the internet on your devices.

For Android devices, Navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘SIM cards & Mobile Networks’ and ensure Mobile data is ticked. Check pics below for illustrations:

In case of Wi-Fi Connection, ensure you are properly connected to a Wi-Fi network that has proper connection to the internet. For Android devices, Navigate to ‘Settings’, then ‘Wi-Fi’. Activate and connect to the available Wi-Fi network of choice.

Note: You have to put in mind that some public Wi-Fi network will require you to accept terms before you can access the Web.

2. Latest App Update

It might be that you have not set the App Market place on your device to auto update, this situation might be understandable in cases where you only have access to unlimited data allocation for internet usage.

The issue with this is that you might have missed an important Facebook Messenger app update. The solution to this is to always update manually by navigating to the App Market place of your device.

For Android Devices; open ‘Play Store’, Navigate to the ‘Menu’ panel by making a left to right swipe, click on ‘My apps & games’, All the apps and games installed on the device will be listed, the ones in need of Updating will be highlighted. Update the Facebook App and Facebook Messenger App.

3. Refresh or Reboot Phone

If this issue is still new, it might be a short-time issue. A number of hardware and software related issue might just be as a result of congestion of foreground and background operations.

A simple refresh of the RAM which involves force closing all foreground and background operations on said device might just be what is required.

In cases where refreshing of the RAM does not work, rebooting the said device might be the best bet in solving the issue. After rebooting, open the Facebook Messenger App and initiate a discussion to ensure the app is now properly working.

4. Contact Support

If all the above troubleshooting has been done and you’re still encountering issues with getting messages, the Facebook Assistance center suggests you contact their support. To do this, open the ‘Menu’ in the Facebook Messenger App and click ‘Assist’ or ‘Report Bug’. You can make your complaint here.

5. Facebook App

The Facebook app can serve as an alternative for the time being in the case of issues with the Facebook Messenger app. On the issue of not getting alerts when a brand-new message is received, you can change your alert settings by navigating to the app settings and ensure ‘Messages’ is turned on under Notices.

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The Facebook App should stop alerting you immediately the Facebook Messenger app starts working.