Facebook Messenger the Test-Game – Test Your Relationship Status!


Facebook Messenger the Test-Game has over five million monthly active users. It’s fun for friends! Facebook messenger the Test-game is a light-hearted game in which you and your friend or partner test your knowledge about each other. It is a fun way to meet, chat, and even flirt with new people from around the world as you play.

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The Test Game: The Friendship Test/Relationship Test

The idea of The Test game is that you’re given various questions to answer based on real or imaginary situations. The other person playing has to guess what you have answered and you also do the same for them. Scores are awarded based on how well you both know yourself. You can play this game against your Facebook friends, or random people online. There’s also a Tinder-pattern like/dislike feature whereby you can rate people who you find attractive physically and if they are okay with what you’ve have written, you can take the test together.

Features of Facebook Messenger the Test game

  • Great concept.
  • They don’t repeat questions too much.
  • Playing the game is simple.
  • You don’t have to wait around.
  • There’s a chat feature.
  • Just three questions per round.
  • It’s a great way to make new friends with people from around the globe.

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How to Play Facebook Messenger the Test Game

As I stated earlier, this game is very simple, and there are directions when you’re playing the game for the first time in case you don’t understand. You need to invite the friend or partner you want to play with. Once they accept, you answer three multiple choice question; then they guess your answers; then they answer their own three questions, and you have to guess. Once they accept the invitation, you would receive a push notification telling you they have accepted.

If you’re bored or traveling on a far distance and want to test relationships or make new ones, I would advise you to play The test Game.