Facebook Messenger UNO Online Game – Hack/Cheats on UNO Online Game


Facebook Messenger UNO online game is a kind of card game that is originated from America and it is played with a deck that is uniquely designed. With over four million players; With no doubt,it is one of the most-played games in Facebook Messenger.

Do you want to win any Facebook Messenger UNO Online game you play? Have you thought of topping your friend’s leaderboard in a day? Are you ready to learn about Facebook Messenger UNO Hack or Facebook Messenger UNO Cheats? If yes, closely pay attention to all the step and secrets that would be revealed in this article.

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All About Facebook Messenger UNO Online Cards

The number of cards in a UNO deck is 108 cards, consisting of various kinds of the card with different functions.

Special Cards and their Uses

  • Skip – Next player in the sequence is jumped over or skipped.
  • Reverse – The way of play changes direction (either clockwise or anti-clockwise).
  • Draw Two – Two cards are added to the next player, and he’s skipped.
  • Wild – You can determine the next color be played with this card.
  • Wild Draw Four/ Draw Four Wild – The player determines the next card to be played; The next player receives four cards and misses a turn. The next player can also guess; if it’s wrong, he receives six cards.

Facebook Messenger UNO Online Game Rules

You play cards either by similar card numbers or similar colors apart from wild cards. You The Facebook Messenger UNO Online game is set for three minutes. To win you would have to get rid of your cards or have the fewest points in the end. Other players scores would be calculated from the remaining cards in their hands. The player with fewer scores as I will rank higher.

Cards Value

  1. Number Card – Face value.
  2. Action Cards (Skip, Reverse and Draw Two) – 20 points.
  3. Both Wild Cards – 50 points.

How To Win In The Facebook Messenger UNO Game Quick Play – Facebook Messenger UNO Hack

Here you are playing alone. Ensure you make use of all the special cards first, most especially when it less than 1:30 minutes.

Once it’s less than one minute, it would display the person with the lowest card and the person with the second lowest card. You need to attack such people with all you’ve got. If you are the person with the lowest card, ensure you delay the card long as you can.

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How To Win In The Facebook Messenger UNO Game 2 Times 2 – Facebook Messenger UNO Cheats

You’re playing with a partner in this section. Ensure you make use of all your special cards, so you give the other team are having a hard time and also pay attention to your partner’s card.

Just in case your opponents have made it hard for you, all you have to do is concentrate on your partners game. Don’t play for yourself but for your partner.

How To Win In The Facebook Messenger Game Go Wild – Facebook Messenger UNO Trick

You also play with a partner in this section. There is a new special card that is played in this section. It allows you to Play all cards with that color with the special card on top. If you have this card and cards with the same color, it’s advisable to play the special card.

Draw two and both Wildcards can be passed in this section until it gets to someone who doesn’t have any. The person who doesn’t have any picks the number of cards that have been piled up. In this section ensure you don’t play your Draw Two and Wildcards anyone so when someone gives it to you, you can pass it.

Cheat! How To Get Unlimited Coins On UNO Facebook Messenger Card Game

You have to on watching the boring adverts, you get 100 coins for that. Or you can also click your profile and claim some coins.

I believe you have learned all the Facebook Messenger UNO Online Game Hack and Trick.

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