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Facebook Security – With cyber criminals using various ways to extort money from people, it is wise to know more about Facebook Security tips. As we all know, Facebook is a great means of keeping in touch with friends and family both near and far.

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Facebook Security

However, users are required to be very careful about information being shared on Facebook.  So, if you are looking to completely customize and take control over your Facebook Security and Privacy, which is easy through few tips.

Next are my basic six tips through which you can access to take full control over your Facebook Security.

Tips on Facebook Security

In this part of the Facebook Security section, I will be providing you with six tips on Facebook Security:

See Your Profile As Others See It

Once you recognize how forthcoming your current Facebook setup is, then you can decide what changes you would like to make. To look at your account as others view it, sign in to your account, choose the gear icon within the top-right corner, click Privacy Settings, and choose Timeline and Tagging within the left pane.

Next, click deem to the proper of “Review what people see on your timeline” within the “Who can see things on my timeline?” section. Click Okay to shut the pop-up window, if necessary. Your timeline will then appear because the public sees it.

Make Sure You Are Browsing Securely

Last month Facebook made secure browsing the default for all users. To make sure you’re employing a secure connection whenever one is out there, click Security within the left pane of Facebook’s Account Settings. And confirm Secure Browsing is enabled.

The security settings also allow you to enable log-in notifications and approvals. And consider and edit your recognized devices and active sessions. To get rid of a tool, click Edit to the proper then Remove next to the device’s entry.

Likewise, to finish one or all active Facebook sessions, click Edit to the proper of Active Sessions. And choose End Activity or End All Activity, respectively.

Limit Access to You and Your Facebook Stuff

To restrict access to your past and future Facebook posts, click Privacy within the left pane of the Account Settings. Then choose Limit Past Posts under “Who can see my posts?”. And Edit to the proper of “Who can see your future posts?” within the same section.

A warning appears once you plan to limit access to all or any of your past posts directly instead of changing the setting post-by-post.

Tame Your Timeline and Tags

You’ve already determined who can view your timeline. But can also be able to block friends from adding to your timeline. And review photos someone attempts to tag you in via the Timeline and Tagging Settings.

These two options for “Who can post to my timeline?” under “Who can add things to my timeline?” are Friends and Only Me. To enable review of posts you are tagged in before they seem on your timeline, click Edit at the right section of the platform and select the Enable option from the drop-down options.

Don’t Let Your Apps Run Amok

Some Facebook apps grab all the permissions they will, including access to your information and therefore the ability to post photos and standing updates “on your behalf.”

For instance, the IFTTT app lays claim to your complete profile and every one of your activities. Also, as a number of the profile and activities of your friends.

Opt-Out Of Facebook Ads

Facebook currently doesn’t let third-party apps or ad networks use your image or name in ads. But this is been worked on and may change. To opt-out, click Ads from the left section of the Account Settings window. Choose Edit within the Third-Party Sites section.

Select “No one” within the menu under “If we allow this within the future, show my information to” then click Save Changes.

Facebook Security Settings

After getting to know about these above listed six tips, here is how you can access your Facebook Security Settings:

  • Launch the Facebook platform (either the mobile app or the website facebook.com).
  • Login to your account.
  • Go to the menu section of the Facebook platform. This is a reverse triangle icon at the top right section of the web platform. While a three-grid line at the bottom right section of the mobile platform.
  • Select the Settings & privacy option.
  • Now click on Settings.
  • Select the Security and login option.

Then you can get to see all of your Facebook Security info and options through which you can adjust to manage your settings.

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When a social platform becomes so popular just like Facebook, there is the possibility for scammers to be present there. It hasn’t been a secret on how users have lost control of their Facebook Security. And to this, scammers have affected many users based on it.


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