FaceTime Alternative Review – Best Google FaceTime Alternative Updates

FaceTime Alternative Review – There is various Best alternative that will even make audio and video call Apple devices. Also, these FaceTime alternatives offer a similar feature that works well with Android.

If you are new to Android then welcome to the most used Mobile OS in the world. The best FaceTime alternative gives every non-Apple device user have the opportunity to enjoy the feature that could be experienced on the platform.

However, Google the creator and developer of Android gives it used the opportunity to download some of these apps for free. There are some of the apps that might need a premium service to get some features but you will enjoy the basic features.

FaceTime Alternative Review

Various Best Alternative apps are very simple and give almost the same features to FaceTime. However, every android user always has the belief that they are not lucky when it comes to using Facetime.

But you still got the best alternative FaceTime apps which are mostly available for download in-app store. Here are a few apps you can use instead of FacetTme;

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  • Skype – placing an HD video call is free and easy which the app supports up to 24 people on a call. One of the Best alternative FaceTime apps for school projects, chat with a big family or work conferences.
  • Facebook Messenger – this platform is a video calling platform widely used because of its association with the social network. You can make a video from almost anywhere and it’s free over Wi-Fi another best FaceTime alternative.
  • WhatsApp – the number one world most downloaded app which you can hardly not see a mobile phone user not using. The app allows you to chat with 10 people and forward a message to five people at a time.
  • Google Duo – this is a video chat app with more streamlined tools for easier video and audio recording for when the recipient is offline. Also, the app has live video and audio chats too which makes it the best alternative FaceTime app.
Are any of These Apps Better Than FaceTime

every app has its advantage over each other which makes them one of the best apps. However, FaceTime might give space for more group calls and also use filters.

Over every video, call make from the platform. Other apps give the filter features just like FaceTime also and work perfectly fine.

The best FaceTime alternative gives every Android user to benefit from these excellent apps that are available in their app store. However, every apple user that have the same alternative apps can receive calls from the app irrespectively.

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