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Fit MasterCard Review – Fit MasterCard Application And how do I log in to fit MasterCard Credit Card? This has been the trending question most people asked online.

Here in this article, I will be enlightened you more and give you steps and guides to the process. However, the fit Mastercard Credit card is an expensive unsecured Credit card for people with bad credit or limited credit history.

It’s can also be described as Fit Mastercard credit card was originating for people with less than perfect credit. Besides, the Fit MasterCard is legit because it helps to improve your Credit score, high fees make it an expensive card to own.

Furthermore, Fit Card gives you a credit increase and also be eligible for your first credit increase after 6 months. Hence, the Fit Credit card application online is an easy step,

And don’t need a prior Credit history to apply or see approval for the Fit MasterCard Credit Card. However, a fair or better Credit score increases your chance of a higher Credit limit.

Initially, with a $99 annual fee, $29.99% purchase APR, an $89 process fee, and a $6.25 monthly fee you find it difficult to recommend this card for that purpose.

Fit MasterCard reviews? The Fit Credit Card id is offered by a Credit Card company named Continental Finance which is the same company that offers the Reflex Card and Verve Card.

Fit Mastercard Reviews Benefit/features

As we all know that all credit Card comes alongside with their features and benefit of applying. This helps you to know more information about its service before applying and logging into your account.

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Besides, the Fit MasterCard credit card has an exciting feature that helps you rebuild your credit score when making use of it properly. Here are these Card Features and Benefits down below.

  • It allows you to apply with all different type of Credit Card. The Fit Mastercard has its initial Credit limit of $400.00. It’s reporting your Credit monthly to all three major credit bureaus which include, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.
  • It has no fraud liability which is recoded to be $0. Its services have a fast and easy application process which all result is provided to you online.
  • It also allows you to make use of your card at any location where MasterCard is accepted for payment of bills. It has free online account access 24/7 providing their Cardmember safe services and accessing.
  • All cardholder has a free Credit score once in a month. The security deposit is None because it’s an unsecured Credit Card.
Fit MasterCard Payment Eligibility

This will help you know about their payment fess and all other attached fees of Fit MasterCard payment. Meanwhile, applicant is required to do this following;

  • Applicant are requiring to pay annual fee of $99
  • One time processing fee $89
  • Monthly Maintenance fee $75, billed $6.25 per month starting in your second year.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
  • Late Payment Fee $40
  • Additional Card Fee $30
  • Cash Advance Fee $5.00 or 5% of the amount of each cash advance.

With this am sure applicant will know each of their fees and payment. In other to apply for the Fit Mastercard you can read down below for more information.

How to Apply for Fit MasterCard

Applying for fit MasterCard is fast, reliable and easy. And also, doesn’t require a prior credit card to apply or get approved instant.

However, you must at least meet the two requirements before the apply for Fit MasterCard credit card which is: * Must be a US resident and be at least 18 years old while 19 years old in Alabama.

Here is Fit MasterCard Credit Card Application
  • Kindly lunch your default web browser and visit the Fit master card credit card. Then, scroll down below and fill incorrect details of your information under the Start application field. Kindly read carefully and thick on the correct box.

In conclusion, once you have finally fill in your correct details and thick on their policy. Follow the necessary instruction and “Submit your Application”.

Can you see how easy it is once you provide all the information then you have successfully become the Applicate of Fit MasterCard Credit Card.

How to Login Fit MasterCard

This is quite and easy and simple steps. Once you have become an applicant of the Fit MasterCard credit card then you need to login your account to benefit from the features and reviews point. Here are the steps below to Login to your account.

  • Visit the Fit Mastercard official website on your mobile or Pc devices.
  • Then, Locate the “Login at the right top of the page and Click on it.
  • You will be redirected to the Sign in to your Account form.
  • Kindly fill in your Username and password and click on the Login to my account.

Can you see how easy it was? However, you can as well Activate My Card by following the login process and locate the Activate My Card under the login form then click on it. Follow the next steps shown to you in order to activate back your Fit MasterCard credit card.

In conclusion, if eventually, you forgot your username or password, click on the forgot username OR Password in order to recover them back. Only by following and providing the requirement of recurving your account back.

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