Free Online Movies Download Sites – Best Sites To Download Movies Free

Free Online Movies Download Sites – Gone are those days when you have to go to the movie halls before you watch  movies.From going to movie halls to watch movies to purchasing and renting DVDs for your entertainment purposes, it’s all in the past now.

Although you can still rent and purchase DVDs, this practice is not as popular as it used to be. People now do things online such as downloading movies as it is more entertaining.

Free Online Movies Download Sites

When it comes to downloading movies online, there are lots of platforms for this. But some of the platforms online where you can get movies online for free are paid platforms.

The few platforms where you get movies for free have quality issues like video quality and sound quality. If you don’t want to get quality issues or blur images, then my advice to you is that you make use of paid platforms.

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But do you know that there are platforms online where you can actually download movies for free?. Yes, there are platforms like this and it is only a few that know about these platforms.

Best Sites Online to Download Movies for Free

Below are some of the sites online where you can download movies for free;

The Internet Archive Movies

This platform is one of the oldest movie downloads platforms online today. Due to this reason, it is a very popular platform. This platform offers a rich library for users to download digital movies uploaded by archive users all for free.

Some of the categories of movies on this platform include classics, new cartoons, and concerts. On this platform, you can easily download movies in various formats for free.

This is another top website to download from for free. This platform is old and also it’s updated regularly. On this platform, you can find TV series and movies. This platform is not only a download platform as users can also stream online.

Just in case you can’t download a movie on this platform, you can try out another link. So downloading on this platform should not cause you any issue whatsoever.

Watch Movies Free

Another platform online where you can download movies online for free is the watch movies for a free platform. This site is a free platform. You can download movies for free and in HD.

There are various categories on the platform such as Hindi, comedy, horror, and others. You can also search for movies on the platform via the search bar using year, movie name, country and so much more.

123GOStream TV

This platform is another one and it’s one of the websites with easy and simple interfaces. On this platform, the movies have been arranged into categories. Therefore users don’t have to waste their time in getting access to the movies they want.

Besides downloading movies in high quality on this platform, you can also stream movies online. Trust me, this platform is one to look out for. If you haven’t made use of this platform, you should.


On this platform, you cannot download directly; rather there are several links from which you can download movies.

If you want to download movies of high quality, this is the platform to visit. The movies on this platform are categorized into genres for easy navigation.

Some of the genres on the platform are action, drama, comedy, horror, thriller and so much more. This platform is really one to look out for.

This is my personal list. Other platforms and websites where you can download movies for free are Vimeo, YouTube, mydownloadtube, Sony crackle and so much more.

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