How Do I Fix the Paramount+ App on My Fire Stick – Why Does Paramount+ Keep Freezing and Crashing?


How Do I Fix the Paramount+ App on My Fire Stick – This guide covers a range of quick solutions and fixes for the Fire Stick Paramount+ app when it keeps freezing, crashing, and not playing movies and shows as it should.

You’ll also find some tips for helping the Paramount+ app run faster in addition to a couple of solutions for a slow or broken internet connection. The fixes on this page apply to the Amazon Fire Stick version of the Paramount+ app.

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Why Does Paramount+ Keep Freezing and Crashing?

The repeated freezing and crashing of the Paramount+ app on a Fire Stick streaming stick is usually the result of an out-of-date app or operating system, a corrupted app installation, insufficient space on the Fire Stick, or a poor internet connection.

Other caused of issues commonly encountered by Fire Stick Paramount+ users include the lack of support for 4K media in the Fire Stick model, the incorrect account information being used, and the wrong app being opened when browsing for films and series to watch.

How Do I Fix the Paramount+ App on My Fire Stick?

If the Paramount+ app isn’t working properly on your Amazon Fire Stick, there are a number of proven solutions that are worth trying.

Check if Paramount+ is down. Your Fire Stick could be working perfectly and it could be Paramount+ that is experiencing issues.

  1. Log in with the correct information. Paramount+ uses its own account system that’s completely separate from Amazon and any of the other services you may be using on your Fire Stick.

  2. Check your Fire Stick for 4K support. If you’re having trouble playing content in 4K in the Paramount+ app, make sure that your Fire Stick is a model that supports 4K functionality.

    Many older Fire Stick models only play 1080p HD video even when used with a 4K TV.

  3. Don’t forget to use the Paramount+ app. Subscribing to Paramount+ only unlocks content within the Paramount+ app, not elsewhere on your Fire Stick and in other streaming services.

  4. Log out of the Paramount+ app. From within the Paramount+ Fire Stick app, sign out and then sign in again.

  5. Inspect your Wi-Fi internet connection. Test your Wi-Fi with another Fire Stick app and on another device. If it’s slower than usual or isn’t working at all, this is very likely the cause of media not streaming in the Paramount+ app.

  6. Restart your modem or router. To fix a broken or slow internet connection, restart your main router to establish a fresh connection to your internet provider.

  7. Restart your Amazon Fire Stick. Like restarting your computer, restarting a Fire Stick streaming stick can also solve most issues such as app crashing or a black screen. To do this, press Select and Play on your remote until the restart begins.

  8. Check for Fire Stick app and OS updates. Your Fire Stick or the Paramount+ app may require an update to function properly.

  9. Clear the Fire Stick’s cache. This process essentially frees up space on your Fire Stick to help it run faster and smoother.

  10. Uninstall other Fire Stick apps. The Paramount+ app may be crashing or freezing because there’s too many apps installed on your Fire Stick.

  11. Reset the Fire Stick to its factory settings. This process is usually a last resort but it’s also a very effective one for fixing bugs as it resets the streaming stick to its as-new state.

Does Paramount+ Work With a Fire Stick?

Yes. The Paramount+ streaming service fully supports Amazon’s Fire Stick streaming sticks though you may need to manually download the official app from the Amazon app store.

Once downloaded and installed on your Fire Stick, all you need to do is open the Paramount+ app and log in with your Paramount+ account information. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by selecting Sign Up from the app’s startup screen.

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Paramount+ requires an active Paramount+ subscription and a consistent internet connection to work.