How to Change Facebook Color Theme from Default Blue to Your Own


How to Change Facebook Color Theme from Default Blue to Your Own: The ability to personalize the home screen of our phones and other applications is what people cherish. So being stucked with the default blue color theme on Facebook could be frustrating. But we bring to you detailed guide on how to change and try your own color to design your Facebook theme.

Before we proceed we need to be sure you are follow the right article for you. So if the answer to any or all of thiese questions is right, read on:

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  1. Are you bored with the default blue color on Facebook?
  2. Do you want to change the color of your Facebook theme?
  3. Are you the type that Facebook bores out because of the default color theme.

If yes, welcome to In this post, we will show you how to change the default Facebook theme with your own choice colors. There are so many applications or websites on the web that promises to change the Facebook theme, but most of these are either a virus or a means of spamming ones timeline because once you install them on your system they can read everything on your computer or the pages you visited, so I would recommend to all of our readers, don’t trust these third party applications or website. Before you authenticate them, read carefully what they want to permit from you before clicking the allow button.

After our research into the best ways to change Facebook theme, the most wanted and trusted way to change the Facebook color theme with your own choice colors is through Google chrome add on which is already used by close to 35 thousand users. Check below how to download, install and use this amazing browser extension

Change Facebook Theme Color with Your Choices

Note: This is basically a chrome extension. Therefore, you must use Google Chrome browser for this method.

  • Navigate to this link for the extension.
  • Install it, click on ‘+ ADD TO CHROME’ button, and again click on “Add extension”. The chrome extension will be installed.
  • You will see a new icon near to the address bar which we will use for color customization in Facebook.

  • Now, open your Facebook account, and click on the icon as shown in the following preview,

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When hover your mouse on the saved themes you will see the color effects on your Facebook account instantly. Once you choose your best theme you may click on the saved theme. Your Facebook theme will be saved. You may also edit the save theme for more customization as per your need, just click on ‘Edit’ button.

That’s how simple it is to tweak your Facebook theme.

Kindly share this guide with your friends on Facebook, let us know via the comment section if you face any issue trying to implement this guide.
How to Change Facebook Color Theme from Default Blue to Your Own