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How To Contact Instagram Customer Service – Instagram is a platform where you can post images or video so that other people can get to view and as well you view the post of others you are following, since it is an online platform, there are times when you will require some help to find a thing or get a thing done which you will need to contact their helpline through the phone or via messages to their email.

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How To Contact Instagram Customer Service – Putting a call through to Instagram on their helpline does not guarantee that your issues will be instantly dealt with, but at least they will give you the proper channel to take or the authentic information required.

This article provides the various ways you can contact Instagram for help and you will be rest assured that you request will be attended to. The techniques are as follow;

1. Direct Instagram call: this method is not effective but since it is a way to contact Instagram, it is justified to be part of what we should talk about. Making a direct call to Instagram helpline is not effective because there are millions of Instagram users and about thousands are also willing to call the helpline on a daily basis, so this makes the line very busy and impersonal, even those that managed to call in may not be attended to as they pleases.

To call Instagram helpline, dial (650) 543-4800 on your mobile device, then follow the automated assistance till you find an option that refer you to a human assistance personnel.

2. Instagram Assistance Site: visiting the Instagram Assistance site via there is every tendency that your request will be attended to. When on the site, you will see varieties of most likely issues, click on the one that is close to the issue you want to solve, if you can’t find anything close, search for it in the search box, if you still can’t find it, then you have to type in your issue and send to Instagram directly. This will be attended to by a reply to your email.

3. Forward an email: you can as well forward an email to Instagram help email via The mail should contain your account name and the issue you wish to resolve. After sending the mail, you have to wait till you get a reply, this reply might take days before it is sent but if after a weeks you are still yet to get a reply, then try to resend the message again.

4. Social media sites: this might sound a bit odd but it is actually possible to contact Instagram using other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. By using this other platforms, Instagram is likely to attend to your request faster in order to promote their own site. Just visit Instagram page on Twitter or Facebook and tweet or post your issues to them.

With any of the above steps, you can get your issues attended to by Instagram right at your convenience, it may not work out at first attempt but you can repeat it often to make your request known.

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I hope this information was helpful? Kindly share it with your friends that might need an assistance from Instagram.