How To Download Windows 11 Beta – How To Download And Install Windows 11

How To Download Windows 11 Beta – The new update of Windows 11 was announced in the month of August and it’s already in the beta for its members of the Insider Program.

Microsoft company has postulated that the windows 11 testing time is to create an opportunity for the company to get more feedback and prepare for its full release in October.

However, the Windows insider Program is for all windows PC and Microsoft account users. Therefore, as a Windows user, you can check it out right away.

How To Download Windows 11 Beta

The Windows 11 update early features may not be satisfactory, some main features may be missing. It is very pertinent to understand that there is no need for a rush in installing it on your PC. But if you have another device there is no hurt in trying it out.

Furthermore, before you can proceed to download the beta version of Windows 11 there are some basic requirements.

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If your PC does not match up with the windows 11 upgrade there will no reasons for these requirements. Although, any Windows 10 PC is eligible hardware will be supported and it is not for all devices.

Windows 11

Microsoft has a new hardware update for Windows 11. This includes having a TPM 2.0-enabled version, at least 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of on-device storage.

Graphics card that is compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver. A system firmware UEFI, Secure Boot capable and display of HD (720p) more than 9 inches diagonally, 8 bits per color channel.

According to Tech Advisor, Microsoft did not make it a law for hardware requirement before now in the Dev Channel, but now it has changed it now as its official beta.

The windows 11 features are so colorful and it’s beautifully designed, with a pastel color, having around corners. It has a new start-up sound and sound and looks like Mac.

The Windows Start menu has been shifted to the middle from the left side before and all the apps’ icons are in the center next to the menu.

The windows 11 initially may be slow may months after it’s your PC. But new manufactured PC will enjoy the upgrade and later other PC that are compatible with the requirements will get it by mid-2022 depending on the age of device and hardware.

How To Download Windows 11 Beta

To download and access these early beta windows 11, users must join Windows Insider Program. This is the only access, if you have an active Microsoft account the sign-up process is even easier.

This program is very popular in the UK, follow these few steps to Sign up:
  • Open your PC with Windows 10. Scroll and open the Settings menu.
  • Navigate to Update & Security and select “Windows Insider Program” on the left side.
  • If you have Signed up before, click on the “Get Started” button.
  • A link will Pop up click on the “Link an account” link.
  • Select from an account that has been signing up already, or log in with new details.
  • Next, select either the ‘Dev Channel’ or ‘Beta Channel’ panel.
  • Click on the “Confirm” button. Clicking on the confirm button shows that you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions.

Once you are done with the above you will be asked to Restart your Pc Now or Restart Later. With these steps, you will successfully sign up and it’s remaining the installation process.

How to Install the Windows Beta: Get the Update?

When you have become a member of the Insider Program to install the windows 11 beta will be very simple. Here are the steps:

  • Open your windows PC.
  • Get to Settings and select Update & Security.
  • On the Windows update, select “Check for updates”.
  • Immediately the Windows 11 Insider will begin to download.
  • When it finishes, you will get notified to restart your PC, click on the ‘Restart now’ button immediately.

Once your system has restarted, and the update installed you can now enjoy the Windows 11 beta. However, this update will not affect any of your apps and files.

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