How to Get a PayPal Credit Card – Steps on How to Get a PayPal Credit Card

How to Get a PayPal Credit Card – Steps on How to Get a PayPal Credit Card

Do you want to know how to get a PayPal credit card? As a PayPal customer, you may be eligible for one of the various PayPal credit cards. The questions is “How do I get this card?”. Well in this article, I will walk you down the various steps on How to Get a Paypal Credit Card.

When you purchase an item, you can pay in whatever way you want to. Yes; PayPal can help you do just that. You gain instant and easy access to your money right from your balance using a credit card, prepaid card, or debit card. You can also finance your day to day purchases through the vast range of credit products available on the PayPal platform.

This card is a digital medium of payment or credit that lets its users and customers buy and shop at locations where the platform is accepted and operated. However, this card was designed for online purchases only; you will not be given a physical card. You make use of this card when choosing your payment method for an item you have bought.

Once you apply for this credit card, it automatically becomes your line of credit or payment. In other words, this card is also known as “Paypal Credit”.

How the PayPal Credit Card Works

PayPal Credit is a card without physical means. It is only used digitally on the internet and not for physical purchases. PayPal creditcard offers a 0 percent interest for 4months on all purchases you make for up to 150 Euro or more. It is just the best way to spread the price of large purchases online.

This card is used through your PayPal balance, it can be accessed from the PayPal webpage or PayPal mobile app. All you have to do is purchases your item online using this card. Enter the amount, the payment method, date of payment and other details, then you are there.

Benefits of the Card

  • Instant and easy access.
  • The card offers and rewards never expire.
  • It is the best medium to make purchases online.
  • Your details are in safe hands.
  • Simple management online.
  • Fast and enjoyable shopping.

Steps on How to Get a PayPal Credit Card

It is simple and easy, there is absolutely no stress in applying for this card. Let us quickly see how you can apply.

  • On your web browser, visit
  • Click on “Apply for PayPal credit”.
  • Click on “apply now” link or button.
  • Create a PayPal account by clicking on “sign up”.
  • Follow all other instructions given to you.
  • Fill an application form and submit the form.

Within some minutes, you will receive a credit card option. Select your choice and you are set to go!

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