How to Hide Facebook Friends


How to Hide Facebook Friends – Since Facebook’s inception, it has been snowballing as one of the best social media platforms if not the best. Although Facebook was designed to be a social network, where people can link up with friends, families, loved ones, and even meet up with new faces, people we don’t personally know. That design goal has in a way been defeated now because people tend to shy away from new friends and tend towards more of a private life. This has led Facebook to become more of a private social networking website in the last few years.

This has even been noticed by the Facebook team with the addition of several privacy settings on every Facebook user’s profile. These days, you can share your post to specific people, only friends or to the general public.

There are a lot of other changes that only the people you know, may interact with you alone. Well, no one can be blamed, not after all those privacy changes that Facebook made in 2012, the Facebook privacy lawsuit and several other circumstances surrounding privacy on Facebook.

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So with all these, I think it’s time to check Facebook privacy settings. Nowadays, it is very easy to control almost everything on Facebook ranging from what others can see on your profile, what they can share with you, viewing all those people who visit your account, enable or disable Facebook notifications and many more settings as the access to privacy settings is more user-friendly.

With all these simple and user-friendly interfaces, it is still pretty hard to get the desired settings for some people because you don’t know how to get there, and it is a saying, “What you don’t know, you don’t know” Well except if you are taught!

Secondly, Facebook has recently updated the timeline design. So the method you have been used to while trying to hide friends list on Facebook is different now.

So, if you like your Facebook profile, you like your friends on Facebook but you just don’t want others to see how many they are or who your friends are on the Facebook platform, this guide is especially for you as we help you out with your concern about Facebook’s privacy.

This guide is sectioned as follows:

  • Reasons to hide Facebook friends list
  • Facebook Friends’ List Privacy Settings
  • How to Hide My Facebook Friends List
  • Method 1: How to hide your Facebook Friends’ List (list of all your friends) on Mobile
    Method 2: How to hide Friends’ List information on New Facebook Timeline?
    Method 3: How to hide your Facebook Friends’ List (list of all your friends) on PC
  • How to confirm your Facebook Friends’ list privacy settings
  • Conclusion

Reasons to Hide Facebook Friends List

With an increasing presence on social media, especially Facebook, you might as well be bothered about your privacy and want to set up your Facebook. One such Personal privacy setup that Facebook developed helps to supply various user’s means to customize their Facebook friends’ list. They may choose to hide their friends’ list on Facebook using any of the available privacy options. This setup gives users the ability to tweak the Facebook friends’ list settings. You get to choose the portion of the general public or friends you want to check your profile depending on your choice, thereby limiting various other users to take undue advantage of your list.

Facebook users have several reasons why they may choose to hide their friends’ list from the public. Reasons may range from any of the following:

  • Generally, they don’t want others to see those who they associate with
  • People try to hide their family, friends, and colleagues for safety purposes
  • Some mainly use this feature to prevent their new partners from checking out their ex or vice versa
  • Some people use this feature out of secrecy. They know some stalkers are out there who want to know all about them.

Whatever the reason may be, let us start this guide with some important point to note before we talk you through how you can customize your friends’ list privacy settings

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Facebook Friends’ List Privacy Settings

On Facebook, you can choose who you permit to see your Friends list. The options you will have at your disposal to set your privacy are as follows: Public, Friends, Friends except for Acquaintances, Custom and Only Me. We will talk more about what these options mean:

Public: This implies that everyone can see your friends list. If you choose the Public privacy option, then everyone who has created a Facebook account will be able to see who your friends are. Regardless of whether you are friends with such a person or not, they can view all your friends’ list. This option increases the risk that you or your friends will receive a friend request from strangers, hackers with fake accounts, and virtually just anyone. Friends, Friends except for Acquaintances or Only me are safer choices.

Friends: This means that all friends can see your friends list. If you choose Friends, then everyone who is your friend on Facebook can see your Friends list. This is a safer option compared to the “Public” choice

Friends except for Acquaintances: When you choose this option, it implies that you want your friends’ list to be visible to all other friends on your list and not to people in your acquaintances’ list.

Only Me: This means that you only have access to see your friends list. If you choose Only Me, then no one else can see your Friends list except you. This is known as the safest privacy option when it comes to hiding friends’ list. We know you are probably connected with various people on Facebook including your friends, relatives, work friends, and business associates, with the Only Me option, you have successfully hidden your Friends list from them all.

Custom: This is another form of privacy when it comes to hiding friends list. This seems the odd one out without a direct meaning and quite strange to many. When you choose this option, it implies that you get to pick and choose who can and cannot view your friends’ list.

Note: We will use these privacy terms in this guide, so I hope you understand their different meanings

Before we move proper to the business of the day, how to hide your friends’ list, a question I know might be asked, is “which of these privacy options is the best?”. Well, the right answer is, the best option depends on you and what you want, no general answer when it comes to Facebook hide friends’ list privacy settings.

How to Hide My Facebook Friends List

Below, we will discuss how to hide your Facebook friends’ list from the general public, and we will do this using different methods:

Method 1: How to Hide your Facebook Friends’ List (list of all your friends) on Mobile:

To hide your friends’ list on Facebook, follow these steps

  • Launch the Facebook platform and login to your account if you are not logged in
  • Navigate to your Facebook Profile
  • From your profile, click on friends tab next to the “about” section
  • Afterward, click on edit to be able to change settings. You will see a pop-up box with the inscription, “Who can see your friends list on your timeline?”
  • Select the option you want from the list which includes Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom
  • If you’re going to hide your friends’ list from everyone, ensure to choose “Only Me.”
  • To make sure that your friends can’t see your Friend’s list (they can only see your mutual friends from your Friends’ list) go to Activity Log and select Friends on the right sidebar
  • On the top of the page, you will see, “Who can see your friend list on your timeline?” Make sure that it is set up the same way as you did in the options presented in step number 5. Tap or click on the lock and choose one of the options

That’s it. You have set privacy on who can see your friends list. It is best practice to make this a habit, ensure to check your Facebook privacy settings from time to time.

Method 2: How to Hide Friends’ List information on New Facebook Timeline?

Are you worried that the steps indicated above do not correlate with the interface you see, well probably you are seeing the new Facebook timeline, follow these steps to hide information on the new Facebook timeline:

  • Launch Facebook and log in to your profile with your e-mail or phone number and password
  • In the upper right corner, click on your name [this should be located next to the small profile picture]
  • Click on your friend’s box, which would be seen among photos, maps, likes, etc. under your cover profile photo. Now you should see the list of all your Facebook friends
  • Click on the edit button in the upper right corner – this will grant access to who can see your full friend list on your timeline.
  • Choose “Only Me” from the list of options in the audience icon.

Note: If you share mutual friends, they would still be visible.

These few steps have helped you hide your Facebook friends but remember you have hidden all friends but mutual friends to such users!

Method 3: How to hide your Facebook Friends’ List (list of all your friends) on PC:

If you are accessing your Facebook account from a PC, follow these easy steps to Hide your Facebook friends list from the public or at least make your choice out of all the five options available (Indicated in the previous section of this guide)

  • From your preferred choice of web browser, navigate to the Facebook website to launch Facebook’s full website
  • Once the page loads, login to your Facebook account
  • Navigate to your profile
  • Under the cover photo at the top of your Facebook profile, there will be a ‘Friends’ button.
    Locate this button and click on it.
  • To the right-hand side of a pen icon, there would be a ‘Find Friends’ Button
  • Locate this button and click on it
  • This should take you to the ‘ Edit Privacy’ page.
  • In ‘Friend List,’ Click on Public, Friends, Friends except for Acquaintances, Custom or Only Me as you desire to apply the settings to your profile.

Note: We already discussed the meaning of these terms at the beginning of this guide, you can scroll back up to check.

Next, confirm your choice, and you have successfully set your Facebook friends’ list privacy option.

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How to confirm your Facebook Friends’ list privacy settings

Now that you have chosen your Facebook settings, you may want to verify whether your friend list is truly hidden or not; well follow these steps to confirm if your Facebook friends’ list is hidden per the settings you specified.

The steps show you the easy way to access your Facebook profile as a “public user,” i.e., you get to see your profile as others see it.

  • From your Facebook profile, go to your Timeline.
  • Click three dots in front of View Activity Log.
  • Select “View As” and choose “public.”

Then your account will be shown to you as the Public sees it. So depending on your privacy settings, if you chose to hide it from the general public, then you won’t see anything under your Friend’s list.

It is as simple and easy as that, privacy settings customized and confirmed. Now you have control over those who can view your Facebook Friends’ list.


If you have followed this detailed step by step guide and applied it, then your Facebook friends’ list is now being hidden from others. At least, this procedure should reflect your choice of privacy settings. I hope you just saw for yourself how it looks with our short guide to confirm your Facebook Friends’ list privacy settings.

Kindly share this guide with your friends and let us know via the comment section if you face any issue while trying to hide friends list on Facebook with this guide on How to Hide Facebook Friends.
How to Hide Facebook Friends