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How To Invite Friends To Xoom – Heard about Xoom before? is your answer no? well, this article is going to tell you somethings about Xoom. Now Xoom is a corporation and a PayPal service meaning it is owned by PayPal.

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Xoom referral is the act of directing someone through social media or any other means telling them to join Xoom. Xoom is a fund transfer provider that allows users to send money, pay bills and reload mobile phones. That is not all you can also send money to families and friends in other countries.

How To Invite Friends To Xoom – Xoom Referral

Already have an account with Xoom well you might not know about the Xoom referral program that allows you to invite friends and you can also earn rewards through the Xoom referral program. The program is also known as the invite friends program.

Now the Xoom referral program is available to users in countries where the Xoom service is available.

How to Invite Friends to Xoom

The Xoom referral reward is made to you through your PayPal account. The Xoom rewards will be 25 units of an applicable currency depending on your country of residence.

    • Log into your Xoom account from your web browser or through the app.
    • On your account page go to the refer a friend page.
  • Choose to invite via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, And WhatsApp.
  • If you choose the email you will enter the receiver email address you can also enter multiple addresses.
  • Xoom will send the message on your behalf and inform your friends about the possible rewards of Xoom invite your friends’ program.

Now you can send a message about Xoom to your friends via social media and email.

Rules and Requirement of Xoom Referral to Get Rewards

There are some rules and regulations for you to follow before you are able to qualify for Xoom referral rewards. These are the rules and regulations.

  • To be eligible for this offer, you must first invite friends who do not have a Xoom account.
  • You must use the Xoom invite friends page to invite your friends.
  • Your friends must sign up for the Xoom account using your invitation link.
  • Your friends must successfully send a particular amount of money in their first transfer and the transfer must be an international transfer.
  • The transfer is received by the recipient and is not disputed by the invitee and the inviter and the invitee will receive an email from Xoom if the invite is a valid invite. Which typically takes less than four business days to send from the date of the remittance completion.
  • Your reward will be sent to your PayPal account on the confirmation date or within 30 calendar days from the confirmation date that is linked to your Xoom account and if your PayPal account does not hold a balance, timely link your bank account so the money can be sent to your bank account.

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