How To Look At Someone Instagram Private – Look At Someone Instagram Private


How To Look At Someone Instagram Private – Instagram continues to add various exciting features into its social media platform so customers can be satisfied with their different accounts, and one of such features added is the ability to make Instagram account private.

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This features blocks anyone not following your account from accessing your profile thereby increasing individual’s privacy on the platform, this feature also won’t allow other Instagram user to follow you unless they first send you a request.

How To Look At Someone Instagram Private – For Instagram user that really need to check the profile of someone who has made his/her account private, this article will tell you the basic things that can be done in order to achieve your objective.

You can use an application which is very safe to peep into a private account without the person’s knowledge, this may sound not true but I can assure you that it is real and stress free. But before we talk about the prestigious app, let’s first talk about some other means to check a private account below;

1. Create a phony Instagram account

In order to get into someone’s private account, you can create another account with a fake profile, use the picture of a beautiful lady as your profile picture, this is because regardless of the gender, beautiful ladies attracts people better. You can also get some more photos of the lady and upload it on Instagram so you can have an actual profile, then write up a nice bio for the account.

Also make the account private, so you can look original in sight of the person. Now send a request to the person whose account is private and wait for a reply. Though this method seems easy but it does guarantee a good result.

2. Use a friend’s account to forward a request

If creating a phony account may be too stressful for you, you can as well send a request to private account with a friend’s account. If the owner of the account is someone you know, it is better you use a distant friend who is strange to the person else your request might not be granted.

You can as well send a request from multiple account to increase your chances of getting a positive response. This method too can be rejected depending on how tough the person you dealing with.

3. Send a direct request

You can as well forward a friend request directly with your account, who knows what can happen, he/she might to touch to accept such request. You could also send the details of why you wish to view the profile through a direct message on Instagram which may also work out

4. Use of App

There are some apps which can be downloaded and installed from various device stores such as Google Play Store, Apple store etc. that allows Instagram users to bypass security in a private account on Instagram. These apps shows you their photos as well as videos as soon as you go to their profile. You just go online and search these apps, then download it into your device and start using.

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So I hope this was helpful in viewing a private Instagram account, kindly share with others on your contact so they can get to know too.