How To Recover WhatsApp Chats – Easy Way To Recover WhatsApp Chats


How To Recover WhatsApp Chats – Have you ever heard of any WhatsApp feature called WhatsApp recovery? If you have not heard yet, then this is your opportunity to learn about it. With the Whatsapp recovery, you can recover all your old Whatsapp messages including media if you have backed them up before.

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Whatsapp is an instant messaging app that allows all its users to text and messages the contacts in their device for free. Whatsapp also allows voice call and video call and they are for free.

Again WhatsApp have proved to be very helpful over the recent years as it has enabled a lot of people to text and receive meaningful information. Whatsapp has an interesting feature called end to end encryption. This features means that every message you send and receive cannot get to anyone else apart from you and the person you are chatting with.

How to Backup WhatsApp Chats for Recovery

If you ever want to recover your WhatsApp chats, you must first back them up first. To back up your WhatsApp chats, you must have cloud storage first except you want to back up your chat to your device. To back up your chats;

Launch the WhatsApp app and make sure you are signed in.
Tap the menu icon and then on settings.
Click on the option which says chat, then navigate to the chat backup section.
Add your cloud storage device account and click on backup to start backing up your chats.

That is it for backing up your chat. Once you have backed it up, you can now successfully recover your chat via the chat recovery feature.

How to Recover WhatsApp Chat via the WhatsApp Recovery Platform

If you backed up your WhatsApp chat and you mistakenly lose your device, then upon installing the new Whatsapp app, you could not find your chat, and then you need to read this section. In this section you will learn how to recover your WhatsApp chat successfully. To do this;

Uninstall the WhatsApp app but first make sure that you have the APK first so that you will not have to download the APK again.

Now install the WhatsApp APK afresh. Launch it and wait for the [place you will be asked to input your number. You should acknowledge that you have to input the same phone number you used in creating the account you want to restore the chat.

Follow the instructions carefully and wait till you will be prompted to recover recent chats. Once you are prompted, quick but carefully click yes and watch your chat restore back magically.

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It is as simple as that in recovering your old chat. You can learn more by visiting the Whatsapp help center online.