How to Turn up the Alarm Volume on iPhone – How to Make an iPhone Alarm Louder


How to Turn up the Alarm Volume on iPhone – This article explains how to turn up the alarm volume on an iPhone, including ways to make the alarm louder or more noticeable.

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How to Turn up the Alarm Volume on iPhone – What to Know

  • Settings app > Sound & Haptics > Ringer & Alerts, and drag the slider right to increase the alarm volume.
  • Using iPhone volume buttons: Settings app > Sound & Haptics, tap Change with Buttons toggle.
  • Check alarm sound settings, try louder tones, or connect a Bluetooth speaker if the alarm still doesn’t wake you up.

How to Make an iPhone Alarm Louder

Your iPhone uses a single volume control for both the ringer and the alarm, so the way to make your iPhone alarm louder is to set the ringer to maximum volume. This setting is accessed through the Settings app in the Ringer and Alerts section.

Here’s how to turn up your iPhone alarm volume:

  1. Open the Settings app, and tap Sound & Haptics.

  2. Locate the Ringer and Alerts section.

  3. Tap and hold the slider, and drag it all the way to the right.

  4. Tap the Change with Buttons toggle if you want to control the ringer and alarm with the volume buttons on your phone.

    If you enable the Change with Buttons option, you’ll need to adjust the media volume (music, videos, etc) in the Control Center from now on, as the volume buttons will only control the ringer and alarm.

How to Make Your iPhone Alarm Work Better

Beyond just turning the volume all the way up, there are several steps you can take to either make your alarm work better or just ensure it goes off at all. If you’re having trouble with your iPhone alarm not waking you up, try these tips and tricks:

  • Set your alarm sound. If your alarm hasn’t been going off, or you haven’t heard it, check to make sure you have an alarm sound set. Open the clock app, then tap Edit > the alarm > Sound, and make sure it isn’t set to None. If it is, tap None > and choose an alarm tone or song. After you’ve made a section, make sure to save your changes.
  • Disable the snooze option. If you’ve learned to snooze your iPhone alarm in a semi-awake state, try disabling that option to avoid the temptation. In the Clock app, tap your alarm, then tap the Snooze toggle to turn it off.
  • Try a new alarm sound. Your iPhone has a lot of ringtones you can select from for your alarm sound. Open the Clock app, tap Alarm, choose an alarm, then tap Sound. Try a few different tones to find one that’s loud enough, and avoid using the same tone you use for your regular ringtone.
  • Try a new vibration pattern. When you set an alarm, you can have the phone vibrate as well. Open the clock app, then tap alarm > your alarm > sound > vibration. You can select a custom vibration pattern from there, or even make your own.
  • Use an external speaker. If the alarm tone just isn’t loud enough to wake you up at maximum volume, connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth speaker. You can also connect your iPhone to a dock that has built-in speakers.

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