How To Use Facebook Debugger In 2020 – How To Check Information Of A Page On Your Website


How To Use Facebook Debugger In 2020 – Facebook debugger is a new feature that Facebook released to their users to ensure that they enjoy every minute they spend on Facebook. As we all know Facebook is a platform created for people to get to meet new people.

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And interact with people, but now Facebook is now one of the largest social networking platform having over a million active users daily.

Recently Facebook has become a social media where people can communicate with people around the world. Post updates of themselves, and also get to showcase their business and also get more customers. Facebook has evolved to include a marketplace, options for advanced advertising and applications options.

Facebook debugger allows users to see the information which is used when the contents of their website is shared on messenger, Facebook, and other platforms. The batch invalidator allows you refresh this information for numerous URLs at that same time.

In other words, a Facebook debugger is also a service that enables you to check what info Facebook receives from every page on your site. The following are ways on how you can get information from Facebook on any page on your website.

Steps on how to use Facebook Debugger to Check the Information of a Page on your Website

Users are advised to follow these steps given below carefully and correctly so as to get an accurate result.

  • Visit this link and a new page will pop out
  • On the field box given, paste the URL of the page which information you want to check and customize
  • Click on the debug button
  • Then you will see what Facebook takes from your content page information
  • A list will come out containing open graph elements that Facebook had chosen to take at the share message.

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