How To View Deleted Messages On Facebook – View Deleted Messages On Facebook


How To View Deleted Messages On Facebook – Messages on Facebook acts as a private platform to interact with friends without a third party viewing your comments. This message can remain on the Facebook page for as long as the individual wants until they are deleted/cleared by the person. Once cleared, there are ways to bring them back to view.

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How To View Deleted Messages On Facebook – Note that resurrecting a deleted message depends on time i.e. how long it has been deleted. If the message has just been deleted few seconds/minutes ago, then it’s possible to bring it back from the messenger but if it has been a long while, then it is only possible through the mail sent to e-mail attached to Facebook.

Follow this basic steps if you just mistakenly deleted a message on a Facebook;

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • And click on the “message” button in your Facebook profile
  • Click on “reverse” contained in a yellow box.
  • This action will unmark “you have simply erased a message”
  • And your deleted messages are back, but if this didn’t work, it means your message is no longer in Facebook history because it has been long you deleted it. Worry less, because it is still retrievable following the steps below;
  • Login to your e-mail account through the mobile app or browser
  • Then search for all the message Facebook sent you.
  • There you will find the full text of the message which have being deleted from your Facebook page

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