Identify Who Blocked You On Instagram – Know Who Blocked You On Instagram


Identify Who Blocked You On Instagram – Have you ever been in a situation where you really want to check the Instagram post of someone or a friend but due to some reasons you don’t know was not able to access the person’s profile on Instagram? this situation only occurs due to two different factors, it may be that the individual no longer has an account on Instagram i.e. he/she has blocked his/her Instagram account or the individual has blocked you from accessing his/her Instagram account.

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To single out the exact reason you could not access the account, you have to check if you have been blocked, but Instagram don’t have a feature which enable users to check those that blocked them officially, so how can this be done?

Identify Who Blocked You On Instagram – Know Who Blocked You On Instagram

You can actually use two simply methods to determine if you’ve been blocked or not on Instagram.

The very first step involves you creating a fresh Instagram account with a different username and email address, then on the new Instagram page, go to the search tab and type in the username of the individual you wish to know if he/she has blocked you, if you find the individual’s account, then it means the person still has an account with Instagram and has not yet deactivated his/her account which invariably means you have being blocked from accessing the account.

The second method will definitely confirm by showing you in details who has blocked you, it involves the use of a third-party app named InstaFollow, below are the procedures to use InstaFollow acquire those that blocked you on Instagram;

Follow this link to download InstaFollow for free on your android device.

After downloading and installing the app into your device, launch the app and log in with your Instagram username and password.
Then as soon as the page is finished loading, you will see the username of those that have actually blocked you, by clicking on the username, it will reveal their profile.

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I hope you were able to identify that individual that has blocked you from viewing their Instagram activities.