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Latest Facebook Updates In 2020 – Facebook is a very popular social media platform where users interact by sharing their minds in form of text, photos or videos. If you are among the billions of people who has an account on Facebook, then this article is a must-read for you.

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Facebook usually update its platform often, these updates is used to add new features to the platform so that users can have maximum satisfaction on the platform and also recommend it to friends who are not yet on it.

Latest Facebook Updates In 2020 – Facebook updates is numerous but this article will explain some which are essential to all users;

Subscription Updates

This is the first update every user must understand, it is the only way users get the latest update before this era. But with the recent introduction of “following and subscribe” features, Facebook users can now get information and updates about each user and/or companies with ease in their news feed. The feature was a success as soon as it was introduced, users tends to automatically follow other users who they sent a friend request to.

Facebook Story Music

The next update to talk about is the addition of custom music to Facebook stories which can be photos or videos or even stickers. It was also successful because it increased the adverting rate of music on Facebook generally.

Facebook Profile Music

Facebook also did an update to users’ profile section which enable them add custom music to their profile. Users can add a small clip of their favorite song to his/her profile so as to keep their followers and friends busy on their profile page.

All these update are done occasionally so as to add in new features. To determine if you are presently using the latest Facebook update, simply follow the steps below;

  • First, log in to your Facebook account.
  • Follow this URL ( or go to your device app store.
  • On this page, you would find all the features of the Facebook latest version

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With these, you can get the latest Facebook update at all time it is updated.