Learn How To Create A Facebook Page Now – Easy Ways To Create A Facebook Page


Learn How To Create A Facebook Page Now – This is the question most users on Facebook have been asking. Now the Facebook platform has been very useful. And has played a unique role in the lives of people. And you can use the Facebook platform for a lot of things.

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The Facebook platform as we all know can be used generally for communication. Not only that but also can be used to create a page. Now, what is a facebook page? A Facebook page is a profile that is publicly created mainly for celebrities, brands, business, and for organizations on the Facebook platform. This enables celebrities, brands, and organizations to reach their fans and customers out there.

And this facebook page has been helpful to its users by making them been able to advertise their products, businesses and share their stories with their followers on the facebook page. It makes the customers and fans to be aware of anything new.

Now this is we bring us to the topic of the day which is “how to make a facebook page private”. But before I continue with this, I will like to tell you how to create a facebook page.

How to Create a Facebook Page

Now to create a facebook page cost nothing. It is very easy to create a facebook page. And it saves time and energy and also cheap. Now these are the steps;

  • Now log into your facebook profile
  • At the right top corner  of your facebook homepage you will see create a page
  • Click on it and you will be welcomed with  numerous page options
  • Select the type of page you want and click it
  • Now create a name you want on your page by clicking create a username for your page
  • And also upload an image of your choice on the facebook page
  • You describe what the page is all about
  • Add your contact information and other important information

Now you can get started and post things on your page as you desire. And also begin to invite people to like your page. This saves money and time.

How to Make a Facebook Page Private

For many users on the facebook platform, they want their facebook page to be private. But majority of them don’t how to do so. Now am going to tell you How to Make a Facebook Page Private. Below are few steps;

  • Log into your account on facebook
  • Click on your page
  • You will see edit page click on it
  • Click on edit settings

This will now show to you how to control your page. It will show to you numerous ways of how to restrict people from viewing your postings on your page.

  • Now at the top of the page click on page visibility
  • It will show you two options page publish and page unpublished
  • Click on page unpublished if you want it private

Now when this is done, only members on your page can see your contents. Not everyone on facebook will.

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But note this should only be done temporally because it can disable viewers from viewing your page and make you lose customers or fans.