Linking Facebook and Instagram – Link Instagram with Facebook | How to Link My Facebook to Instagram


Linking Facebook and Instagram – Am sure you must have heard of people talk about linking their Facebook and Instagram accounts together. Don’t worry about how to get your’s synchronized because it would be shown to you briefly. The essence of this is to improve user experience when it comes to connectivity with friends. That is, you can see your Facebook friends who are on Instagram and also bond with them. This places users in a position where they have no challenges or excuses in accessing or linking up with friends.

Once you do this linking, you can easily switch between Instagram and Facebook. This is having Facebook in Instagram. Don’t panic, it isn’t in any way confusing. It is very organized and I promise, you will absolutely enjoy the experience. You can do this whether you are making use of a normal Instagram account or a business account. It can be stressful switching between platforms but with this linking, you can enjoy living in two apartments, in same environment (I.e. you can use the both simultaneously). This linking also facilitates sign in.

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How to Link My Facebook to Instagram

Linking Facebook and Instagram is very simple. Kindly follow these steps:

  • Open up your Instagram account
  • Click on your profile found at the bottom right corner
  • Click “setting” located beside edit profile (It is represented with a gear icon)
  • Scroll down to settings and click “Linked Accounts”
  • Select “Facebook” amongst all options
  • click “Continue” to allow Instagram use
  • Log in your Facebook account using the FB App, Phone Number or Email
  • Click “Open” to open in Facebook

After all these, you will observe that your Facebook Icon found in the Linked Account menu would become colored. As said earlier, it is very organized and is designed to give you a great experience at all time.

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Linking Facebook and Instagram – Link Instagram with Facebook | How to Link My Facebook to Instagram