Make Green Dye in Minecraft – How Do I Make Lime Dye in Minecraft?


Make Green Dye in Minecraft – If you know how to make Green Dye in Minecraft, you can add color to beds, banners, wool, and much more. You can also craft stained glass, Green Concrete Powder, and even more dyes.

Information in this article apples to Minecraft on all platforms.

How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

To make Green Dye, smelt a Cactus in a Furnace. Follow these steps:

  1. Mine a Cactus. Cacti grow in desert and badland biomes.

  2. Make a Furnace. On a Crafting Table, place 8 Cobblestones or Blackstones in the outer boxes leaving the middle box empty.

  3. Set the Furnace on the ground and open it to access the smelting menu. Put the Cactus in the top box on the left side of the menu.

  4. Put a fuel source (e.g. Coal or Wood) in the bottom box on the left side of the Furnace menu.

  5. Wait for the progress bar to fill. When the smelting process is complete, drag the Green Dye into your inventory.

What Is the Recipe for Green Dye in Minecraft?

You only need a few materials to make Green Dye:

  • 1 Cactus
  • A Furnace
  • Fuel (e.g. Coal, Wood).

What Can You Use Green Dye for in Minecraft?

Add Green Dye to any of the following items in the crafting grid to make it green:

  • Banners
  • Candles
  • Leather Armor
  • Shulker Boxes
  • Terracotta
  • White Beds
  • White Carpets
  • White Wool.

Geen Dye can also be used to make other items including light green or cyan dyes.

How Do I Make Lime Dye in Minecraft?

To get Lime Dye. combine Green Dye with White Dye, or smelt a Sea Pickle. To get Cyan Dye, combine Green Dye with Blue Dye, or smelt a Blue Orchid.

You can make 16 different dyes in Minecraft by smelting or combining certain materials:

DyeMaterials Method
BlackInk Sac or Lily of the ValleyCrafting
BlueLapis Lazuli or CornflowerCrafting
BrownCocoa BeansCrafting
CyanBlue+Green DyeCrafting
GrayWhite+Black DyeCrafting
Light BlueBlue Orchid or Blue+White DyeSmelting or Crafting
LimeSea Pickle or Green+White DyeSmelting or Crafting
OrangeOrange Tulip or Red+Yellow DyeCrafting
PinkPink Tulip, Peony, or Red Dye+White DyeCrafting
PurpleBlue+Red DyeCrafting
RedPoppy, Red Tulip, Rose Bush, or BeetrootCrafting
WhiteBone Meal or Lily of the ValleyCrafting
YellowDandelion or SunflowerCrafting

Combine Green Dye with Gunpowder to craft Firework Stars, which can be used to create fireworks displays.

How to Make Green Concrete Powder

To make Green Concrete Powder, combine 1 Green Dye4 Gravel, and 4 Sand blocks on a Crafting Table.

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How to Make Green Stained Glass

To make Green Stained Glass, put 1 Green Dye in the middle of the Crafting Table and put 8 Glass blocks in the other boxes.