Nigerian Police Reacts to Claim Don’t Open Your Car Trunk From Inside For Anyone


Stories alleging that Nigerian police officers subtly plant drugs or other exhibit materials inside the cars of innocent citizens at checkpoint with the sole aim of criminalising and extorting money from them have been circulating online.

And this is particularly tagged to a post shared in Nairaland forum about a guy on his way home who were stopped by police officer and they demanded he open his car trunk. The story had it that the guy opened his car trunk with a remote control whilestill sitting inside the car but were very observant to identify any fishy movement through the side mirrow.

After some minutes of search, he was ordered to proceed to where ever he was going but having observed the manner in which the whole searching was done and the constant phone calls the police officer was making, he thought it wise to pullover at a safe zone to crosscheck his car and be sure no element was dropped in his trunk. To his deepest surprise, he found his lauggage zip opened with a white substance inside which he could not identify but decided to throw it away and thanked God for saving his life from criminal or drug related crimes.

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Botomline is that, as he approached another checkpoint he was ordered to pull over and open his car truck and this time he had to come out of the car to open his trunk by himself to ensure he is on the safe side. But nothing was found on him after scattering his bag one after the other and he was ordered to go.

He went as far as advicing other car owners to never open a car trunk from inside, for anyone, even at Malls. Always step down and open the trunk with keys and permit searching under your own supervision.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Police have acknowledge the story which is now trending all over social media and urged to poster to identify with the police for proper investigation and justice. Read the statement below:

The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to a publication on Facebook handle “Crack Team Naija” entitled “ DON’T OPEN YOUR CAR TRUNK FROM INSIDE FOR ANYONE ”.


The concerns raised therein are well acknowledged. The Force wishes to note however that it does not have facts to authenticate the veracity or otherwise the of the alleged claims on the FB handle. We are not sure if the story is a true account or a mere fabrication by its maker.

If the story is however factual, the Force Public Relations Department will require additional information to enable the department take up the matter and ensure that the author gets justice and also save other Nigerians from the possibility of a future ‘set- up’. …

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The Force therefore requests the author to avail us with the date of the incidence, State, Local Government, Police Division close to the location, description of the alleged Police Team, Inscription on the Police Vehicle if any, etc. …

We equally request that, anyone who knows the author should tag or inbox our request to him/her. The Force is committed to ending impunity. …

Meanwhile, the Force enjoins the public to continually repose confidence in the Police and assures the author of absolute confidentiality in the handling of the case. He may also reach out to the Force, through the Force Public Relations Officer via the Email address; … or Social Media handles Twitter; @policeNG and Facebook; Nigeria Police Force of .


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Meanwhile series of allegation about Nigerian Police using this tactic to criminalise and extort money from innocent citizens are where we hear everyday, kindly use the comment section below to share your view about this or personal encounter with police regarding a situation like this.

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Nigerian Police Reacts to Claim Don’t Open Your Car Trunk From Inside For Anyone