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Pause Audible Membership – If you consider reading books a bit tasking, then audiobooks can do the trick for you. With audiobooks, you can get multitask – for instance, when taking a run, you can easily plug in your headset to listen to your audiobook while running.

Most lovers of audiobooks have Audible Membership – Audible is an online audiobook streaming service owned by Amazon. With an Audible Membership, you can purchase and stream books.

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Audible Premium Plus Membership Benefits

Monthly/annual credits.

Access to over 200,000 audiobooks.

Lots of discount on additional purchases.

Complimentary newspaper subscription.

The Audible Premium Plus membership is currently priced at $14.95 a month. They currently offer a free month trial period.

So, you can use the free month trial period to get a feel for the service offered. What’s more interesting is that a friendly email reminder is sent to you before your free trial ends.

Should I Pause or Cancel my Audible Membership? 

$14.95 for the Audible Premium Plus membership can be quite expensive for you. What if you have purchased so many audiobooks and haven’t had time to listen to them?

The practical thing it may seem is to cancel or pause your audible membership. If you cancel your membership, you still retain access to the books you purchased.

If you have unused credits in your account, you will be prompted to use them before canceling.

What if you want to take a short hiatus? The good thing about both Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus is that you have the option to put your account on hold. You can pause your account for a period of 3 months, but that can do just once every 12 months.

Only Audible Premium Plus members can access their library during a hold.

What Happens When I Cancel My Audible Membership?

As said earlier, you still retain access to all your previously purchased content. After cancellation, you will also lose your unused credit. So, it’s best to use up all your credits before canceling.

You will also lose access to the Audible Plus Catalog titles you added to your library. The titles will have a lock icon next to them pending when you re-subscribe.

What Happens When I Pause Audible Membership

Sometimes, you don’t need outright cancelation. You might need a break from paying $14.95 monthly. It would also help if you had time to listen through all the books you have accumulated over time.

The best thing to do is to pause put your membership on hold. Once your account is put on hold, the monthly charges will be paused.

Both Audible Plus and Premium Plus members can put their account on hold. With your account on hold, you still enjoy membership benefits like library credits.

However, a paused Audible Plus and Premium Plus account means that you can’t listen to the Audible Plus Catalog. All previous downloaded Audible Plus Catalog titles will have a lock icon next to them pending when you reactivate your account.

How To Cancel Audible Membership

Cancelling your audible membership is as simple and easy as ABC. The below instructions should be able to guide you through the membership cancellation process.

  1. Sign in to your Audible Account using your Amazon account information.

2. Navigate to account details.

pause audible membership

3. view your membership details and click on cancel membership

pause audible membership

4. You will see a page asking you for your reason for cancelation. Click on the option that appeals better to your situation.

5. More prompts will appear trying to get you to reconsider the cancellation. If you have unused credit, a prompt will remind you that you will lose your credit if you carry on with the cancellation.

pause audible membership

6. Another prompt will also pop up trying to get you to switch to other plans or speak to a customer care representative. Click on “Finish canceling.”

7. Once you receive a message on top of the account details page saying, “We’re sorry to see you go,” that means your cancellation is successful.

8. You will subsequently receive an email telling you that your membership has been cancelled.

Please note that deleting the Audible app on your phone or tablet does not equate to cancellation. You will have to follow the steps above to cancel your membership.

How To Pause Audible Membership

Yes, you can pause your membership once every 12 months for 3 months. To pause your account, you must earn credits. The feature is not available to people who made their accounts before 2006.

To pause your account, you will have to speak to a customer care representative either by chat, phone, or email.

To contact a customer care representative, click on “contact us.”

  1. Tap on “My account” when the prompt “what can we help you with you” comes up.

pause audible membership

2. Click on “pause membership” from the dropdown menu that appears.


3. Hit on your most preferred means of contacting them – Chat, Phone, or Email.

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If you are a lover of audiobooks, then Audible membership is the right way to go. You get access to thousands of audiobooks and even monthly credits to purchase books of your choice.

The Audible Plus and Premium Plus membership comes with immense benefits. Still, to stay realistic, you probably won’t have all the time to go through all the audiobooks you accumulated.

The best thing to do is to pause your account momentarily or cancel your subscription in the meantime.

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Pause Audible Membership – How to Pause Audible Membership | How to Cancel Audible