Secured Credit Card – List Of Some Of The Best Secured Credit Cards / Secured Credit Card


Secured Credit Card –  First, I would love to ask the question of what a credit card is, a credit card is a card built with a chip to give you a credit line you desire.

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A credit card is much more like a debit card, it performs the same function as a debit card but the difference is that a credit card owner is under a loan, But the debit card owner is spending from available funds. A credit card carries borrowed credit, san this borrowed credit can be used to make purchases at accepted ATM locations and stores.

It may also surprise you to know the fact that not all credit card is accepted anywhere, another thing you also have to know is that credit cards have different functions and benefits depending on the issuer of the card.

Talking about a secured credit card means that you can have a car that is anti-theft secured. The major functions of secured cards are to protect the cardholder from fraud. It is also essential that you know the costs of having a secured credit card.

Most secured credit cards charge a regular fee for the security they provide. This fee solely depends on the issuer of your secured card. There is a list of the best-secured cards for the year 2018. And what they are good at, this means heir area of expertise. Below is a brief list of some of the best secured credit cards for 2018;

List of Some of the Best Secured Credit Cards

  • Discover it secured cash back credit card is one of the best cards for earning cashback. They charge no annual fee and requires a minimum deposit of 200 dollars
  • Citi secured master card is one of the secured cards you may want to look into when you need a card. With less and no annual fees. They also require a minimum deposit of 200 dollars
  • Capital one secured master card is a great card when it comes to building your credit. And your credit history. They charge no annual fee and can start at a minimum deposit of 49 dollars, 99 dollars or 200 dollars
  • Open sky secured visa credit card is one of the best cards when it comes to credit checks. They charge an annual fee of 35 dollars and require a minimum of 200 dollars
  • First progress platinum elite master card secured credit card is a good card when dealing with your annual percentage rates; they charge only 29 dollars per annum and requires a minimum deposit of 200 dollars.

There are other cards with other benefits, some of them are the green dot primo visa classic secured credit card, self-lender secured credit card, first premier secured credit card and so on.