See Someone Location on Facebook – How to See Someone Location on Facebook


See Someone Location on Facebook – If you are taking a trip to another city (or nation) and have to learn about other Facebook friends who might be found in or around that area, take a look at Map Intention.

Map Intention is a Facebook application that digs through the profiles of all your Facebook Buddies to identify their existing place and plots the location nicely on a Google Map.

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How to See Someone’s Location on Facebook

Facebook is making it easier to answer the question, “Hey buddy, where are you?”

The social media company announced Monday that it’s adding a Live Location feature into its Messenger app, designed to help bring people together when they might not know how far apart they are.

The Messenger app already lets you send your current location to a friend, but the new feature expands on that by updating your spot on a map as you move. The feature will remain turned on for an hour, and friends receiving the location will also see an estimate of how long it would take to get to the person’s location by car.

The feature, which Facebook said is rolling out globally to iOS and Android, will let you send your current location to one or more friends at a time.

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This feature is similar to one already available in a variety of apps, including Apple’s Find My Friends, Glympse and most recently Google Maps.