The Skinniest Man In The World – The World Most Skinniest Man

The Skinniest Man In The World – The idea of skinniest person in the world is not surprising especially if you think about how most people are looking for perfect body shape. Efforts to attain what is considered an ideal body has had people follow strict diets not to mention the fact that some have had to deny themselves basic nutritional needs to get to the weight they desire.

In this post, we shall be looking at the world skinniest man.

Tom Staniford

The Skinniest Man In The World

Tom Stanford definitely earns to be placed on this list. He’s evidently the thinnest man on Earth. He was born on July 1, 1989. During his childhood, Tom had moved to a wide variety of places, for instance, Hamburg, Greenwich, Bath, Leicester, Cyprus, Kuwait, and Wales. It sounds crazy but Tom was perfectly normal as a child. Over time, however, he started losing weight and it was all by leaps and bounds.

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At present, he’s 1,91 cm tall and he weighs 65 kg. According to doctors’ examination, he is sick with a very rare disease, namely MDP-syndrome. There are only 8 people in the whole world with such a case. This ailment appears due to a genetic mutation that causes gene changes. It hinders adipose tissue from being stocked underneath the skin.

The same thing happened to Tom. This disorder began to develop during adulthood and caused a number of complications. Even now when the young man is 28 the situation hasn’t changed for the better. His face and limbs are practically devoid of subcutaneous fat.

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Therefore, he always feels pain in the legs. In fact, his poor bones have to bear his entire body weight. What’s more, Tom needs to be as careful as possible, because any fall can lead to traumas and fractures. Besides, Staniford does not hear well without a hearing aid, and he is also a type 2 diabetic.

However, his special health condition didn’t stop this man from living a quite normal life. Tom spent one year in college in North Devon. In addition, Tom went to study under the prestigious international baccalaureate program at Exeter College.

There he received two scholarships, both athletic and academic. In June 2012, the young man graduated from the French University of Rennes.

Currently, Tom lives in London with Alice Miller, an expert at Cycle Fit. They met on the Internet. Staniford hopes that now when medics know exactly what is wrong with him, they will be able to find the right course of treatment for him. Moreover, Tom is conventionally considered to be a C-Class cyclist of the International Union of Cyclists (UCI).

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